Thursday, January 27, 2011

Upgrade Your PC Hardware - Save Money!

We all know that computers have a limited lifespan; the technology within them gets outdated before we even get the box home from the store, but what can we do to combat this?

If you bought a "full size" desktop (as opposed to a laptop, micro desktop or all in one PC) then you are in luck, as chances are you don't need to buy a whole new computer every time you feel that your computer cannot handle the latest game or keep up with the demands you are placing on it.

What you can do is upgrade your computer's hardware, a much cheaper option that buying a whole new computer every time! Some parts can even be salvaged and used for decades (the tower I used before I immigrated to America I had had for over 10 years, and is still in service now for a friend!), which if you consider the average cost of a computer tower is $70, and many people upgrade once a year, over ten years you could save yourself $700 just by recycling the case!

So what can you actually upgrade?

Well the first thing you will need to do is to determine what "slots" you have available on your motherboard. One of the easiest things to upgrade is the RAM, by simply replacing the sticks contained within your existing computer with larger ones! A very quick way to speed up your PC by upgrading one piece of hardware!

Another problem plaguing many people is that of not enough hard drive space. What most people would do in this instance is go and buy an external hard drive, but wait! An internal one is a small fraction of the price, all for you taking the time to screw it into you tower and plug two cables into it!

Many gamers know the feeling of having a graphics card that cannot run your favorite games on the settings you want to, well all graphics cards run off either PCI or PCI-express slots, and are as simple to replace as pushing the new one into the right sized socket for an instant performance boost!

The one thing that will dictate when you need to buy a whole new motherboard is your processor. Processors are often matched fairly closely to the motherboard, so to replace one of them with a significant upgrade will often result in having to upgrade the other. Just be aware that there is no need to replace everything along with your motherboard, all your old components that are not out dated will fit into the new one just fine!

Using a step-by-step upgrade method allows people on a tight budget to keep their computer current by cycling components one at a time (perhaps one every couple of months) and never having to shell out $1000 for a new pc every year, when only $100 worth of components needed replacing!

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