Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tips for Buying a Personal Computer

Today,technology is advancing every day with amazing speed. Just think, buying a computer today with a certain amount and after 4-6 months, you can buy the same configuration 20-30% cheaper. Computer usage is the most important. If this is for office use, documents creation, viewing movies, listening to music, internet navigation or if you are a gaming enthusiast. The best and cheapest way is to buy from online stores, because the prices are lower and you find the best information to date on the configuration and upgrade done to the computer, saving your wasted time, taking advantage of the receipt of the system by postal services directly home.

Configure the system so to be "balanced". For example: a very expensive and powerful CPU, an integrated video card and RAM memory failure are not suitable together. Try to keep parts of the last generation and keep the chance of an upgrade that you could make after a while.CPU frequency determines the speed "of calculation". A faster CPU will perform in a shorter time archiving, compression, rendering..etc. So it is easy to see why it's not wise to "take a fortune" on the processor, if routinely navigate on the internet. Central Processing Units are different types: single core, dual core, triple core, quad core,..etc.For an unassuming computer a dual core processor is sufficient. Also, RAM memory is very important, especially when running multiple programs simultaneously, indicated it would be at least 2GB.

The motherboard is important and you must take care that all components are compatible. You can give up a video card if there is an integrated module. If you use the computer for games, then you really need a better video card. Housing and its internal organization help establish an air flow and cooling components and the Power Supply Unit is properly designed to supply all the components of the computer. The PSU is very important component, because besides that it needs to keep stable voltages and have the opportunity to deliver the currents necessary for the functioning of components, overcurrent protections, overvoltage, short-circuit, etc., it may constitute a source of noise if it is questionable quality.

The hard disk drive is chosen according to the information capacity you want to store and the file transmission speed. If you listen to music and watch movies, is better to invest in a pretty good sound system and a full HD monitor with digital connections.For an excellent functioning of the entire computer, the accessories have also an important role, such as keyboard, mouse and webcam. You can seek advice from several people who have knowledge in the field, but the final decision to choose a personal computer is yours.

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