Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ricoh Laser Printers: Savings, Speed and Superb Printing Performance

Printing everything on paper can be very expensive and time-consuming. In the past, printing using dot matrix models used to take a lot of our precious time and deliver adequate results. But in today's modern world, the continuous development in computer technology paved the way for the invention of laser - fast, efficient, user-friendly and ready for all kinds of printing needs. With the increasing need for high performance laser printers valued at a great price, various companies are competing for cost-effectiveness, speed and the right blend of features to offer. Ricoh, a highly reputable company in the world of digital technology, released their own line of laser printers. Ricoh printers can either be a monochrome or color printer, each model unique when it comes to the features they offer to users.

Laser printers made by Ricoh are produced with a great focus on printing proficiency, cost reduction, time saving and environment-friendly innovations. These Ricoh printers are compact but very powerful. These laser printers offer different options that can provide the much needed solution for your everyday printing needs, whether it is quality or quantity that your company is after. Ricoh's All-In-One (AIO) print cartridge solution is the answer to the continuously increasing supply expenses. Users can choose from a Standard Yield or High Yield AIO, the former introducing more savings on supply expenses and the latter focusing on the cost of every printed page. Another great offering of Ricoh printers is the speed, concentrating on the printer processes that take too much time. Most printers take too much time to warm-up and prepare for bulky printing tasks, then go on with another time consuming printing process. With Ricoh printers, users can expect a warm-up time of only 20 seconds and first print speeds of 8 seconds. In addition, Ricoh laser printers can produce as much as 75 pages per minute in black and white and can accommodate printing in paper sizes of 11" x 17".

Ricoh printers offer high quality outputs with their modern printer processors that can sustain bulky and heavy print outs, plus a long queue of printing jobs. Users can also opt for an additional hard drive and other security features to increase the productivity of their printing tasks.

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