Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rugged Portable Computer Systems Give Our Side the Advantage

I have a good friend who supplies different types of devices for the defense industry. While he has worked primarily in research and development from the beginning of his time with the company, over the past few years his responsibilities have transitioned to sales and marketing. It makes sense, to have someone who understands the equipment from conception to production represent those products at trade shows and with potential buyers.

He did a demonstration for us at a local event and showed us some of the rugged computer systems and communication devices that they have on the market. While they do have some things that are exclusively marketed to our government, I was surprised to learn that most of their items were for sale to anyone or anything that could afford the price. With enough wealth, a person could equip and create a small army with what my friend has to offer.

What I found particularly impressive was the animated presentation that they created, showing how a combination of their tools could be used to save hostages from a terrorist situation. From tracking devices places along roadsides, invisible to the naked eye, to satellite based tracking systems that could see inside buildings and access the condition of the hostages as well as the preparedness of the terrorists, all transmitted to military grade laptop computers and hand-held units. Of course, in the end, the hostages were rescued, and it was all due to the intelligence conveyed to these rugged portable computer systems.

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