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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Modernization of Hiring Practices for the Technology Industry

The last two decades have been host to a technology revolution unparalleled in human history. From Apple IIEs to smart phones, the tech industry has been developing new products and software at a breakneck speed. As a consumer, it is often difficult to keep up with new products and services. With revenue shares dictated by bleeding edge technology development, skilled engineers have quickly become a coveted asset in an ultra-competitive battle of the fittest. Given the pace of industry growth and the rising demand for tech positions, the hiring industry has been forced to evolve to better service the needs of the leading tech firms.

The technology industry covers a broad range of companies providing computer systems, chip production and other information and communication systems. This broad range of offerings requires personnel with specialized skill sets including both hardware and software engineering expertise. Hardware engineering expertise can further be segmented into computer manufacturing, processor manufacturing and mobile device development. The software development side of things also covers a broad range or languages and expertise from web development to mobile device programming skills. The multitude of available programming languages further segments the software side of technology expertise.

With such a diverse demand for skills, hiring for technology firms requires a unique understanding of each new position's technical foundation. Hiring for technical positions mean the recruiter must differentiate between hardware engineering skills and the variety of programming language skills on the market. This demand for technical recruiting skills has gown alongside the booming tech industry. Given the inherent degree of difficulty with filling such unique roles, many tech firms turn to skilled tech recruiters to help better service their hiring needs. Specialized hiring firms have cropped up to provide the expertise and experience level required to recruit for jobs in the tech space. These firms have honed their expertise and experience over time. While an internal recruiter may not have a grasp on all the different skill sets required for a position, a dedicated technical recruiting firm is likely to have experience with similar roles and recruiters who understand the specific skill requirements for each job.

The competitive nature of hiring for technology firms has forced recruiters to edge out the competition with greater efficiencies. Recruiting efficiencies have been improved over time through greater experience with specialized job requirements, a better understanding of technical skill sets and enhanced organization. Many tech recruiting firms have turned to technology itself to help out compete other firms looking to source candidates for similar roles. Software developers have created unique applicant tracking systems designed solely to increase recruiting collaboration and decrease overall costs per a hire. These software products allow unparalleled insight into the hiring funnel and help ensure the most qualified candidates make it to the interview process.

As technology has outpaced other industries, hiring practices have been forced to evolve and keep pace with cutting-edge technology trends. Developing specialized knowledge about a variety of technical skills and moving to web-based applicant tracking technology has helped modernized technical hiring practices to better service the needs of today's companies. While these specialized hiring practices can effectively serviced the needs of today's tech companies, let's hope they can continue their evolution to better service the needs of tomorrow.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Wonderful World of Computers

Computers were invented to make the life of humans easier, just like other machines do. It has reduced the work of humans to such a low-level that work is done at the click of a button. There are many benefits that the computer provides.

• Performance- the computer is made in such a way that it can adapt itself to change. The programming of the computer can be changed to make it work in a different way. Thus, the performance is always high and updated.

• Memory- the computer has a huge memory which can be used to install many programs and software for the better functioning of the computer. With a huge memory of the computer, one can upgrade the operating system which is much more advanced.

• Durable- the computer being a big machine is kept in a single place which does not require moving all the time. This prevents the possibility of a damage occurring to the machine. However, this does not mean that the computer is away from danger permanently.

• The computer, being a bulky machine is not very easy to lift and carry around. This makes it difficult for being a potential aim of theft or robbery. Thus the computer is safe. However, the spare parts can be stolen.

The invention of the computer gave rise to the thought of inventing a laptop. This is a small-sized computer which is portable and can be carried around. The main reason behind the invention of a laptop is the need for a computer while travelling. The battery of a laptop once charged can be used for a good three hours. It can be used in any place that you want. Thus, a computer is a boon to mankind which has done much good.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

What Happens When Our Computers Become Erratic

When computers have become so important for everyone's daily existence, how can we ignore any simple errors that happen to them? Such errors make it impossible to use computers conveniently for a period of days at a time. So, apart from calling a computer specialist to rectify these errors, what can be,done from your side to repair your PC in a timely manner?

The need to recover formatted partitions arises when the data stored in the hard disk gets lost due to virus attacks. This hard disk memory is, divided into partitions, which can also be, deleted due to power outages apart from virus attacks. The need for division of partitions exists because data needs to be protected from any damage in the operating system. However, now the computer screen is displaying a message that the drives need to be formatted. Apparently, this formatting will delete all the data stored in them. Now instead of calling someone for data recovery, you can also repair the partitions yourself through partition recovery software.

Another kind of harm happens when you can no longer read your own outlook pst folder files. The outlook pst folder is present inside outlook. This happens when the size of this folder becomes more than 2GB, which leads to its corruption. Apart from this size enhancement, another action that can lead to this damage is an upgrade in outlook, which has not been done perfectly yet. Such corruption also happens when someone recklessly shuts downs the computer. The outlook pst folder also contains your crucial contacts and notes apart from significant emails. Therefore, you lose touch with your business for days if something happens to this folder and it becomes unreadable by outlook. To avoid such loss, use a recover outlook pst software.

Therefore, it is very important to understand the complete working of the computer and act accordingly.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

What Is a Mifare Card?

Mifare Cards are a proprietary high tech card which is basically a kind of contactless smart card or proximity card. There are different forms of Mifare cards in use today - here are the chief types.

MIFARE Classic (Standard)

The MIFARE Classic card is basically just a memory depository mechanism, where the memory is divided into segments and blocks with clear security mechanisms for access control. They are ASIC based and have defined computational capacity. Thanks to their dependability and low cost, those cards are widely used for electronic billfold, access control, corporate ID cards, transportation or stadium ticketing.

The MIFARE Classic 1K offers 1024 bytes of data storage, split into 16 sectors; each sector is defended by two different keys, called An and B. They can be programmed for operations like reading, writing, increasing value blocks, etc.. MIFARE Classic 4K offers 4096 bytes split into forty sectors, of which 32 are identical size as in the 1K with eight additional that are quadruple size sectors. MIFARE Classic mini offers 320 bytes split into five sectors. For each of these card types, 16 bytes per sector are appropriated for the keys and admission conditions and can not normally be used for user data. Also, the very first 16 bytes hold the serial number of the card and certain other manufacturer data and are read only. That brings the net storage capacity of these cards down to 752 bytes for Classic 1k, 3440 bytes for Classic 4k, and 224 bytes for Mini.

The simplicity of the basic cards means that they are cheap, which is largely the explanation for their ascendancy in large-scale deployments, such as the Oyster card.

MIFARE Ultralight

The MIFARE Ultralight has only 512 bits of memory (i.e. 64 bytes), without cryptographic security. The memory is provided in 16 pages of 4 bytes.

This card is so inexpensive it is often used for disposable tickets for events such as the Football World Cup 2006.

MIFARE Ultralight C

Introduced at CarteS 2008, MIFARE Ultralight C is part NXP's low-cost MIFARE offering (disposable ticket). With Triple DES, MIFARE Ultralight C deploys a widely adopted guideline, enabling basic integration in existing infrastructures. The integrated Triple DES authentication provides an efficient counteractant against fake tickets (ticket cloning).

Key applications for MIFARE Ultralight C are Public Transportation, Event Ticketing, Loyalty and NFC Forum Tag Type 2.


The MIFARE DESFire is additional NXP microprocessor system, modelled on a comparable core as the MIFARE ProX/SmartMX, with more hardware and software security features than the regular MIFARE Classic chips. It is sold already programmed with a common purpose software (the DESFire operating system) that offers a classic directory structure with files, similar to what is typically found on smart cards. DESFire cards are sold on four styles.

One with Triple-DES only and 4Kbyte of storage and three with AES using storage ability of 2, 4 and 8 KB (see DESFire EV1). The AES variants also have extra security features, i.e. CMAC. It is utilizing a standards compliant (ISO/IEC 14443-4) protocol. The card is based on a 8051 processor with Triple DES and AES crypto accelerator, making decidedly accelerated transactions attainable.

The maximal read/write range between card and reader is 10 cm (4 inches), but exact distance depends on the field power induced by the reader and its antenna size.


(previously called DESFire8)

New evolution of DESFire card, broadly backwards compatible. Available with 2KB, 4 KB and 8KB NV-Memory.
DESFire EV1 was publicly announced in November 2006.


MIFARE Plus is a substitute card for the MIFARE Classic. It provides an accessible upgrade of current infrastructures toward high security. The applicative data management is equivalent to the MIFARE Classic, however the security management requires the modification of the installed reader base. It differs from DESFire EV1 in not being as adaptable as the latter.

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Which Garmin Nuvi GPS Navigator to Buy?

The leading GPS navigation product manufacturer in terms of numbers of units sold is Garmin. They continually bring out more products to keep up with the demand of GPS navigation products for more and better GPS capabilities. The rivalry with TomTom also helps to make the GPS marketplace more competitive. There's no question of the fact that functionality and reliability of GPS navigation devices has improved over the past two or three years and as long as people keep their maps up to date, there are fewer and fewer stories of drivers becoming lost. One aspect that specifically helps is the ease with which the new array of Garmin GPS devices locks on to the satellites quicker and more reliably. This was probably one of the main problems with their previous products - and not just Garmin because TomTom had similar problems. The improvement in technology has meant that this aspect of GPS navigation has improved. Let's have a look in more detail then at the new Garmin releases.

The Nuvi 2200 and 2300 series are currently being released by Garmin and there are plenty of features to look at when comparing and contrasting the different units. Probably the most difficult thing for potential buyers is to find out what the differences are between them because some of them can be quite subtle. There is certainly a wide range of recommended retail prices ranging from $159.99 for the Nuvi 2250 up to $299.99 for the Nuvi 2360 and Nuvi 2370. Of course these products are available, or will be available if they have not yet been released, for less than this. You have to shop around to find the best bargain.

Let's look at what some of the main differences are in the various models. The top of the range products come with voice activated navigation. This is a great feature for those of us who like to be able to keep our hands free while driving. The mid and upper range devices have lane and junction assist. This gives advance warning of which lane to be in at any time. The top range models also come with 3-D building view. This is good if you are one of those people who is able to imagine their position from a 3-D perspective. It might also be confusing to some users.

Another thing that separates the higher priced GPS units is the bluetooth support. This is a great feature for hooking up your cell phone or any other bluetooth enabled device to your GPS.

Screen sizes are either 3.5-inch or 4.3-inch depending on model. It is amazing what detail can fit onto such screens. To look at the new devices look very similar or even identical. It doesn't help that Garmin use similar graphics on their product pictures and that makes it difficult to know which one you are looking at.

The new Nuvi 2200 and 2300 series are being released between the fall 2010 to spring 2011. This means there will be no shortage of new devices to choose from. With TomTom also developing new products, there is plenty to keep GPS buyers happy.

GPS navigation devices have come a long way in the last few years and the rate of progress shows no sign of letting up.

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Will Mini Laptop Computers Work for You?

If you are among those people who are considering buying a mini laptop computer, you should have a clear idea about them and how they work. Just like any other technological advancement, the mini laptop computers also have certain advantages and disadvantages. By weighing the advantages and disadvantages, you must decide whether the mini laptops are for you or not.

Taking the high popularity of these laptops into consideration, it is almost evident that you will not regret your decision to buy one of them. Many people buy them for entertainment purposes, or for meeting professional requirements while traveling. However, things have changed and the high affordability of these laptops has made even teenagers and children use them.

The portability and compact nature can act as both an advantage and disadvantage according to the nature of usage. Some users are so happy with the miniature keyboards, whereas some others find them hard to use. If you are planning to use them for just emailing or messenger purposes, you will not be left unsatisfied. Many people rely on the mini laptop models for social networking and most of them are more than happy with them.

Many professionals are required to travel a lot these days. However, if they have to maintain in constant touch with their offices and clients, then these laptops are the ultimate answer. Many people think that functionality of the mini laptops are considerably affected by the miniature keyboards. The truth is that it is physiological. It is true that it will take a little time for any person to adjust to the keyboard. Reading long e-mails or documents can be tiring at times, but once you get used to it, you will not feel any difficulty.

Many people have doubt as to whether or not the mini laptops will work for them. The truth is that most people cherish the idea of owing a mini laptop computer, but they are not sure about whether their needs will be fully satisfied. The aforementioned information will help you in understanding whether or not they will work for you.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Wireless Routers - For The Best Internet Portability and Performance Along With Security

A wireless router is a device which makes your computing life smooth and enjoyable. This magnificent device enables you to work and enjoy your computing literally from any part of your house or yard. This is just a fantastic electronic device which is used to connect multiple computers in a network. This also gives you the freedom to share the internet connection of one system to any device or computer from the network.

A wireless router is an instrument placed in the wireless local area network which determines the network point in order to forward a packet towards its destination. This magnificent equipment works exactly in similar manner as the router in a hard-wired local area network or LAN does. But WLAN or wireless network area network gives you the freedom of mobility for notebook or portable computers.

If you are considering about setting up a home wireless network, you need to take into account few vital and significant aspects. Most of the wireless routers available in the market look the same but these routers exhibit their own specifications that make them different from each other. Considering these specifications, one needs to choose the most appropriate router from the collection.

Some of the important things you need to consider while purchasing a router are as follows.
The speed rating of any router is very important so that one can achieve the best performing router for his network. The speed rating is available in Mbps considering that one has to select a router for his network. If you are looking for highest speed rating then the Draft N router is best for you as it claims that it gives a speed of 300 Mbps.

With the help of your wireless internet portability, you can use your internet facility with the help of your laptop from any part of your house. For this you just need an all-in-one device which combines the functions of modem, wireless access point and the router.

The 3G Router is a magnificent and an important advent in this field as it enables to have high speed internet connectivity for several users with the help of 3G mobile phone network. As the 3G USB Dongles are available now days, the use of 3G mobile Broadband has increased to great extent. It makes use of a 3G mobile phone SIM Card for providing Wi-Fi connectivity along with VPN and Firewall services in addition.

This magnificent device can also be used to accommodate the far away devices, one just need to have a second wireless router to the Wi-Fi network.
It is believed that the use of wireless router not only provides high-speed internet connectivity but also acts as a hardware firewall. The routers also provide superior protection against hacking as it does not expose the IP address of the system directly to the internet.

In recent years, this marvelous technology has improved a lot as it provides bandwidth and multiple user connections in WLAN. Most of the modern wireless routers make use of 802.11g specification that offers a transmission rate over short distances at the rate of 54 megabits per second.

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