Monday, December 20, 2010

The Wonderful World of Computers

Computers were invented to make the life of humans easier, just like other machines do. It has reduced the work of humans to such a low-level that work is done at the click of a button. There are many benefits that the computer provides.

• Performance- the computer is made in such a way that it can adapt itself to change. The programming of the computer can be changed to make it work in a different way. Thus, the performance is always high and updated.

• Memory- the computer has a huge memory which can be used to install many programs and software for the better functioning of the computer. With a huge memory of the computer, one can upgrade the operating system which is much more advanced.

• Durable- the computer being a big machine is kept in a single place which does not require moving all the time. This prevents the possibility of a damage occurring to the machine. However, this does not mean that the computer is away from danger permanently.

• The computer, being a bulky machine is not very easy to lift and carry around. This makes it difficult for being a potential aim of theft or robbery. Thus the computer is safe. However, the spare parts can be stolen.

The invention of the computer gave rise to the thought of inventing a laptop. This is a small-sized computer which is portable and can be carried around. The main reason behind the invention of a laptop is the need for a computer while travelling. The battery of a laptop once charged can be used for a good three hours. It can be used in any place that you want. Thus, a computer is a boon to mankind which has done much good.

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