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Friday, July 22, 2011

LSI Logic Controller Card 3ware SAS 9750-16i4e 20Port 6Gb/s Single Pack Retail Auto-resume RAID New

LSI Logic Controller Card 3ware SAS 9750-16i4e 20Port 6Gb/s Single Pack Retail Auto-resume RAID NewThe 3ware SAS 9750-16i4e controller card provides a new level of reliability, availability, and performance to businesses that are facing storage challenges, particularly in sequential I/O intensive and multi-stream environments.This 3ware controller supports both internal drive storage and external JBOD expansion, while providing a higher standard of data protection and performance with the latest in LSI RAID-on-Chip (ROC) technology.CPU, Memory, Systems, Notebooks, and Software products are not returnable for Credit. Condition and terms A 15 days from date of invoice; during first 7 days no restocking fee will be charged in most cases, provided item(s) are returned as new, unopened, complete and in re-sellable condition. After 7 days a 15% restocking fee will apply.The customer can have a replacement of items purchased during first 30 days of invoice date. The customer must notify us within 24 hours if they receive a defective product in order to receive RMA # and get credit.

Price: $1,934.58

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

LSI Logic Controller Card SCSI LSI00153 PCI Express Ultra320 SCSI Dual Channel Low Profile RoHS New

LSI Logic Controller Card SCSI LSI00153 PCI Express Ultra320 SCSI Dual Channel Low Profile RoHS NewThe LSI22320SE adapter features external Ultra320 SCSI channels that allow an aggregate SCSI speed of 640MB/s.Supporting up to 30 devices for a flexible, fault-tolerant solution, this adapter is ideal for tape libraries, entry-level to enterprise servers and high-performance workstations with PCI Express slots.The LSI22320SE delivers the speed and bandwidth required by todays data intensive storage applications, such as data mining, internet, email, graphics, audio editing, database servers, scientific simulation and video streaming.CPU, Memory, Systems, Notebooks, and Software products are not returnable for Credit. Condition and terms A 15 days from date of invoice; during first 7 days no restocking fee will be charged in most cases, provided item(s) are returned as new, unopened, complete and in re-sellable condition. After 7 days a 15% restocking fee will apply.The customer can have a replacement of items purchased during first 30 days of invoice date. The customer must notify us within 24 hours if they receive a defective product in order to receive RMA # and get credit.

Price: $576.28

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Intel Gigabit Et Dual Port Server Adapter Internal Form Factor 2xrj 45 Network Pci Express

New Intel Gigabit Et Dual Port Server Adapter Internal Form Factor 2xrj 45 Network Pci ExpressPhysical Characteristics: Card Height: Full-height. Form Factor: Internal. Dimensions: 2.68" Height x 6.59" Width. Miscellaneous: Compatibility: Operating Systems. Windows Vista SP1. Windows Server 2003 SP2. Windows Unified Storage Solution 2003. Windows Server 2008. Linux Stable Kernel version 2.6. Linux RHEL 4. Linux RHEL 5. Linux SLES 9. Linux SLES 10. FreeBSD 7.0. UEFI 1.1. VMware ESX 3. x. Green Compliance: Yes. Green Compliance Certificate/Authority: RoHS.

Price: $259.97

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Intel Multi Port Server Adapter Gigabit Ethernet Card Internal Form Factor Bulk Pci Expressx16

New Intel Multi Port Server Adapter Gigabit Ethernet Card Internal Form Factor Bulk Pci Expressx16Dimensions: 2.68" Height x 6.59" Width. Miscellaneous: Compatibility: Windows Vista SP1. Windows Server 2003 SP2. Windows Unified Storage Solution 2003. Windows Server 2008. Linux Stable Kernel version 2.6. Linux RHEL 4. Linux RHEL 5. Linux SLES 9. Linux SLES 10. FreeBSD 7.0. UEFI 1.1. VMware ESX 3. x. Green Compliance: Yes. Green Compliance Certificate/Authority: RoHS.

Price: $227.68

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Kindle Vs Nook Vs iPad

It is quite understandable if a lot of students wish to leave their books at home. Carrying them can be a burden, especially with the growth of information. With the invention of e-book readers, having books around has become easier for school children and even professionals. Three of the popular e-book readers of today are Kindle, Nook and iPad. All three are highly capable of e-book reading, but how do you know which one is best for you and your needs? Here is a brief comparison of the three:

The Kindle

A proud Amazon development, the Kindle is a popular pick among students because it is exclusively made for e-book reading. Over the years, Amazon has created newer versions to meet the changing needs of the consumers.

Pros: Kindle can download directly from Sprint's EV-DO service. You can download a lot of rich content, and the connection is free. As far as the memory is concerned, it could store about 3, 500 books and accept external 4G drives. The E-Ink Pearl screen is also very clear, giving you the look and virtual feel of a real book.

Cons: Kindle is quite monochromatic; it comes in black and white colors only. The screen is also very small, so those with visual problems might not find it very comfortable. You have to buy an extra lighting accessory if you want to read even in dark places. It is also very costly these days, reaching to almost $200.

The Nook

Barnes and Noble, a reputable publishing company, developed the Nook as their own version of reading e-books.

Pros: Unlike the Kindle, the Nook has a colored navigation system run by Android OS. For those who have a hard time navigating, they could also use the keypad provided. It is also the first e-book reader that offers the share-your-book option. Downloading could be done through wireless or through 3G connection.

Cons: The nook does not have a web browser, and the battery life is quite shorter than that of typical e-book readers.

The iPad

By far the most popular tablet PC ever created, Apple has revolutionized gadget portability and functionality by developing not just an e-book reader, but a personal computer as well.

Pros: Apple released the iPad with the convenience of web browsing, video streaming and e-book reading. It has a full color touch screen, where reading in the dark is not difficult. You can also download and purchase a lot of applications to maximize e-book reading.

Cons: The videos do not have flash, so you will basically have a hard time with them. It is also quite expensive.

If you want to do more with your e-book reader with a lot of money in your pocket, the iPad is the best choice that you can get. The few cons outweigh the pros, and you need not use a netbook because it also functions as a miniature PC.

The other e-book readers, Kindle and Nook, are not that bad. If you only want to read e-books and nothing else, purchasing a Kindle or a Nook is more advisable. If you still have a tight budget, go for the Nook as it is much affordable.

Danny loves writing about the best Android tablets at his blog. You can find plenty of other Android tablet information at Android Tablet Fanatic.

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Plantronics Savi Office Wo100 - Big Business In A Small Package

Savi Office WO100 is the real deal - big business in a small package. If you are looking for a serious corporate headset system, this is the one you want to consider.

Savi Office is a universal wireless DECT system for the simultaneous use of a desk phone and PC. It allows you to switch between calls by pressing just one button on the headset.

A unique feature of Savi Office is the possibility of combining a regular phone call with a call from a softphone in order to conduct a conference call. In addition to this, the system allows to use multiple headsets with just one base unit, which allows you to add 3 more people to the conference call. Therefore, you do not have to buy several Savi Office systems. It's enough to complete it with the needed number of spare headsets and chargers, which can be easily connected to the base unit system. For example, you are on the phone. Then suddenly you need your colleague to jump in and join the conversation. That is not a problem for Savi Office WO100. As mentioned earlier, multiple headsets connect to a single base and allow you to teleconference in a flash of time.

The specially designed software Persono Suite is included with the headset. Pesono Suite allows you to quickly switch between regular phone calls and VoiP calls, turn off the microphone and put calls on hold with just one click. Users can personalize Persono Suite functions, set their own parameters (such as ringtones, volume, etc.) To maximize user comfort, Savi Office (Convertible) allows you to use the headset with both and earhook or a headband, depending on your preference. That is undoubtedly a huge advantage. Moreover, the user can regulate the headset's wireless range. There are 3 main ranges: 10, 50 or 100 meters.

Here are some of the users' opinions about the product:

- I bought this headset several months ago. Sound quality is great and the system is also really simple and easy to get used to. The biggest advantage is the ability to switch from Computer VoiP to regular phone and even to conference between them. I also enjoy the wireless free range. Now I can roam around my office, get a cup of coffee without having to wait till the end of the call. What is important, the sound quality doesn't get worse if you are standing within the wireless range (I think somewhere between 100 meters).

- As some other people have mentioned before, the headset's main disadvantage is the headset's earphone. But nonetheless, in a few days you really get used to it. Because for me, the headset is all about the other things - great sound quality, wireless range, and flexibility.

It's up to you to decide whether the headset is worth the money. By the way, the average price is around 250-300 dollars. I personally think that among other office headset systems, Savi Office WO100 is the best combination of both quality and money.

Oh, I forgot to mention, all Plantronics Headsets offer a 1 year warranty. So I guess that does say something about quality, doesn't it?

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Recommended Desktop

I took a good look at PC desktop computers. I know that most people right now are pinching their pennies and trying to save their money, so for this review I kept that in mind.

I came across the Gateway SX2803-25e. This computer falls under the category of an everyday computer. This Gateway computer comes with an Intel Pentium Duel Core processor. I was surprised to see that this processor gave the computer a processing speed of 3.2 GHz. This gives it a 14% increase in normal processing speed over the next higher gateway model, the Gateway DX4850-27EU, which has a 2.8 GHZ processing speed (although with the turbo the DX4850-27EU can reach up to 3.1 GHZ). The Gateway SX2803-25e also comes with 6 GB DDR3 memory, giving it strong multitasking abilities. It has a 1 TB hard drive, which is plenty of storage space for any computer that is meant for normal everyday use.

This desktop comes with an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator, which will provide you with great imaging out your monitor, or can combine with the HDMI output to allow you to hook it up to your flat screen TV and watch your movies in great quality. The computer has an impressive 9 USB 2.0 ports; 5 in the front and 4 in the back. It has a 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN allowing it to connect to the Internet or a device with amazing speed due to increased bandwidth although you will need an Ethernet cord. This desktop computer also features a great compact design. It is only 10.7 inches tall, 4.2 inches wide and 13 inches deep. This compact design will make it easy to set up without using up much of your space.

However, these last two features I mentioned also lead to the two downfalls of this computer. First is that while it has a super fast Ethernet LAN, it does not come with built in wireless internet capabilities. You can hook it up to your router directly with an Ethernet cord, or you will have to go out and buy a wireless adapter. Honestly the adapters very inexpensive though. The second downfall to this computer comes from its compact design. While this is a great space saver, it also means that the Gateway SX2803-25e is not meant for upgrading. You can upgrade the 6 GB memory to 8 GBs but that is about it. The compact design does not provide room for any upgraded components. However, most people do not bother with upgrading single components so it normally would not be an issue anyways.

Despite these two downfalls everyday desktop computer makes up for it with its great features and specs, and you will love the price tag. Gateway lists this computer for $549.99 MSRP on their website; however Best Buy has it priced at the very cheap price of $469.99. Good luck finding a better deal for a desktop computer out there.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Setting Up Your New Apple Computer

Replacing an Old Mac

If you are replacing an old Mac computer with a newer model - then Apple has created a great little application to help you move all of your data from your old machine to your new one.

It is called Migration Assistant.

Once you start up your new machine for the first time - it asks you if you want to run Migration Assistant. If you haven't decided - don't worry - you can always run it at a later time.

Switching from PC

If you are switching from Windows to a Mac - then you will need to find your way around.

One of the things that frustrates Windows users the most is the right click button on the mouse. By default this is turned off on the Mac. Just head over to System Preferences to turn this on and your experience will become much more enjoyable.

If you use Firefox as a browser on Windows - then you will be happy to know that there is also a version for Mac. Just download it from the Mozilla website and you will be good to go.

Another thing you might want to do right away is transfer your iTunes library and other important files from your Windows computer. This article on the Apple website explains how to get the job done. I have found that file sharing over a home network connection is probably the simplest way to go about this task.

Finally, if several people in your family will be using your new Mac computer, then you will want to take advantage of the ability set up different user accounts. This way everyone can keep their information separate. Believe it or not - this small feature helps to keep the peace in large families!

Where Is Everything?

Once you are all set up - it is time to start computing.

Everything you need to get started is in your Home folder. Here you will find the Applications folder - which contains all of your programs. You will also find folders for Documents, Downloads, Music, Movies, Pictures - and a few other items that you will use on a regular basis.

This, of course, is just a starting point. You can add and rename folders to your heart's content.

At first using a Mac may be a little frustrating if you are used to a PC environment. But the more you use it - the more you will love it.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

New Intel Pro 1000 Pt Server Adapter Twisted Pair Cable Standard Category 5e Network Technology 10

New Intel Pro 1000 Pt Server Adapter Twisted Pair Cable Standard Category 5e Network Technology 10Management & Protocols: Management: Wired for Management (WfM) baseline v2.0 enabled for servers. DMI 2.0 support, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and SNMP-manageable SMBus support. Remote Installation Services (RIS). Diagnostics (loopback, testability, PHY register access). Intel boot agent. ACPI 1.0 power management. Wake on LAN support over PCI Express. PXE 2.0 enabled through boot read-only memory (ROM): Processor & Chipset: Processor: 1 x Intel 82572EI. Power Description: Power Consumption: 3.30 W. Environmental Conditions: Temperature: 32 Fahrenheit degree (0 Celsius degree) to 131 Fahrenheit degree (55 Celsius degree) Operating. Physical Characteristics: Form Factor: Internal. Dimensions: 4.73" Height x 5.10" Width x 4.73" Depth x 0.85" Thickness.
Price: $129.47
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Some File Formats and Configurations to Avoid When Printing Online

Ideally, you should be able to submit a wide variety of formats to your online printer. It is of course in the nature of online printing to be more inclusive and accepting since it caters to a wide variety of markets and produces lots of different products. However, there will always be some file formats and configurations that will cause you trouble in online printing. In those situations and formats, it is sometimes actually best to redo your prints to the more appropriate type.

If you do not know exactly what are the right and wrong file formats/configurations in online printing then you are in the right place. I will tell you here all the formats and configurations that you should avoid. This should help you veer away from the wrong formats and of course produce the appropriate configurations all the time for online printing.

1. Drafts in a web image format - A web image format is basically a file format that is in low resolution, primed for fast loading in a web page over the Internet. These formats were created to that people do not have to wait a long time to see an image, especially with a slow connection.

The problem with these formats is that they are rendered in low resolution. While most newcomers think that the picture looks already good for printing, once you do print these types of images the pixels and the fuzziness will appear. That is why for online printing, such web formats should not be used.

So while it is possible to use documents in JPG, PNG and GIF format for online printing, it is a bad idea to do so. Unless they are really big files with resolutions of more than 300DPI, the best file format to print online is still the original document format made from the desktop publishing application.

2. Consumer file formats - Another file format that you should try to avoid submitting to an online printer would be consumer file formats. These are the formats made from typical commercial software and not specialized printing applications. Examples of these include, word document files from Microsoft Word or even the Open Document format from OpenOffice.org. These more simple and unwieldy formats can sometimes get skewed when they get converted to formal online printing, giving you a different result each time. That is why it is best to avoid submitting files like these for printing.

3. Super-Proprietary formats - Of course, sometimes, applications also have what we call the super proprietary formats. These are the document file formats that only open in one software alone and cannot be opened by other applications. While this can help ensure that the precise elements in your document file is not lost, super proprietary formats limit your choices of online printers to the ones that can actually open that file. So if you want to be flexible with who you want to print with, it is best to avoid super proprietary formats.

4. Documents out of template specifications - Lastly, you should avoid submitting document files to your online printer that are out of template specifications. Believe me, if your prints are out of the template with different settings and dimensions, there will always be a high chance that they will be converted by the online printer. Unless you are really printing purposefully out of those specifications, your prints will always look a bit awkward if you submit a file format like this. So it is best if you use templates when possible for online printing.
Great! Now you know what to avoid when it comes to submitting file documents to your online printer. Make sure you remember these items all the time.

For comments and inquiries about the article visit Online Printing and Online Printer

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Intel S3420gp Server Motherboard Socket H Lga 1156 Xeon Quad Core Atx Form Factor Serial Ata 300

New Intel S3420gp Server Motherboard Socket H Lga 1156 Xeon Quad Core Atx Form Factor Serial Ata 300Memory Technology: DDR3 SDRAM. I/O Controller: Controller Type: Serial ATA/300. RAID Support: Yes. RAID Levels: Video: Onboard Video: Yes. Graphics Controller Memory: 64 MB. Network & Communication: Gigabit Ethernet: Yes. I/O Expansions: Number of Total Expansion Slots: 5. Number of PCI Slots: 1. Total Number of PCI Express Slots: 4. Number of PCI Express x4 Slots: 2. Number of PCI Express x8 Slots: 2. Storage: Number of SATA Interfaces: 6. Back Panel Interfaces: Total Number of USB Ports: 4. Number of USB 2.0 Ports: 4. Serial Port: Yes. VGA: Yes. Network (RJ-45): Yes. Onboard Interfaces: Onboard LEDs Header: Yes.

Price: $257.94

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Sony PRS-300BC Reader Pocket Edition Review

If you're looking for an e-Book Reader and high levels of portability are important to you, then there is a good chance that Sony's e-Reader - the Sony PRS-300BC Reader Pocket Edition has caught your eye.

With its lightweight design and 5" display, the PRS-300BC is designed to provide great convenience and ease of use for the avid reader who wants true pocket sized portability. Have Sony got it right or should you wait for the next pocket edition? Read on further to find out.

Features of the Sony PRS-300BC Reader Pocket Edition

5" e-Ink DisplayLightweight and compactThree different font sizes for enhanced readabilityStores up to 350 books on the 512MB on-board memoryUp to 2 weeks reading on a single battery charge

Lightweight and Compact

The PRS-300 is smaller than most traditional e-Readers. Its small profile is about the size of a paperback book so you can fit it in your pocket or purse, making it truly compact and ideal for travel.

Weighing in at just 7.76 oz, the lightweight of the PRS-300 makes it very comfortable to hold. It's remarkably well-balanced so you can comfortably hold it in one hand whilst navigating through the buttons and reading your favourite books.


Reading on the PRS-300 is a joy to behold. With the paper-like e-Ink display, it's easy on the eye and just like reading a real book. The text is crisp and clear with great clarity even in brighter light environments.

There are 3 different font sizes which can be changed using one button, so you can choose a size to match your reading pleasure.

Downloading Books

Wi-Fi isn't included so you can't purchase books on the go unfortunately. Books are transferred via your PC or Mac using a mini USB cable. The transfer process is quick and simple; in terms of simplicity it's very similar to transferring files to an MP3 player. One advantage this gives you is that you have a backup copy of books on your computer.

The Sony Reader store has a large library of books to choose from. One problem is though; they are rather slow to add new titles in comparison with competitor's stores such as Amazon.

Most standard file formats are supported including e-Pub and PDF so you can download public domain books for free. An excellent feature is the ability to borrow books for free from your local library; this is a real money saver. However, not all library's offer this so check with your local library first if this is a feature which appeals to you.

Battery Life

A power adapter isn't included so to charge the device, you need to connect it to your computer using the supplied USB cable. However, an adapter can be purchased separately. The battery life is very impressive; you can get up to 2 weeks usage from a single charge, which equates to about 7,500 page turns.

Final Thoughts

The Sony PRS-300BC Reader Pocket Edition is a beautifully designed e-Book Reader. Being a Sony product I expected quality, but this e-Reader has really surpassed my expectations. Its compact design, great display, long battery life and easy navigation make the PRS-300BC an excellent all rounder.

On the downside, there is no memory slot so you cannot extend the memory once you've used up the 512MB built-in capacity limit. Plus there is no dictionary or an option to write notes, but given the small size of this device and its long battery life it more than makes up for its drawbacks.

Overall, if you want a quality entry-level e-Reader for reading books on-the-go without all the bells and whistles of higher priced e-Readers then the PRS-300BC is an excellent choice.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tablet Computers Vs Laptop Computers

The proliferation of tablet devices in the US market has contributed to a decline in the sale of net books, laptop and desktop PCs. According to analysts, most people who purchase slate devices are using them to replace their PCs and not to supplement them. So does this spell doom for laptop and PC makers? What are the reasons behind the spiking popularity of tablet devices over conventional PCs?

Ease of Use
One of the main reasons behind the popularity of slate computers is ease of use. Computer operation is mainly based on software and Operating Systems. If you are unfamiliar with a particular program, using it can prove virtually impossible. This is especially true for elderly folk who are not as tech savvy as their youthful counterparts.

Tablet computers on the other hand are as easy as they come. You can learn to navigate through the direct features and applications within hours. The email and browsing facilities on these devices are also simpler to maneuver than the typical PC web browser.

Apps Vs Software
There is a fine distinction between apps and software. Despite the fact that the two facilities perform almost similar functions, the latter requires more skills and experience than the former. You need to install software in your PC and take time to learn how to use it. With apps, the process is much simpler. You simply click on widgets and stuff begins to happen. Although software is the ultimate power behind both the PC and Slate gadgets, most of it has been relegated to the workplace.

Ten years ago, your laptop was the epitome of speed and convenience; nowadays it is your tablet PC. With a laptop computer, you have to find a secure hot spot, log in then conduct your online business. With a Slate device on the other hand, you can pay bills, transfer money, check emails and still listen to some music while you are at it from any location. Basically, a tablet computer combines the hustle and bustle of your PC or Laptop, and bring functionality closer to your fingertips.

Another factor that contributes to the rising popularity of tablet devices is their personal nature. A touch screen gadget or Smartphone is certainly more personal than a desktop PC. You can store both work related and personal content in your hand-held device. As such, you can be able to work from any location with or without your PC.

There has been an increase in the popularity of tablet computers and Smartphones in the past few years. In the same period there has been a slow down in the sale of laptop computers and Desktop PCs. Nonetheless, PCs and laptops are not facing the prospect of total annihilation since they form the backbone of most industries and offices. However, the proliferation of tablet devices and Smartphones in the market raises significant questions about the future of PCs and laptop computers in residential areas, schools and colleges.

You can get the ideal slate computer or touchscreen device by checking out http://www.meebox.us/.

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OCZ Technology 120 GB RevoDrive Series PCI-Express x4 Solid State Drive (SSD) OCZSSDPX-1RVD0120

OCZ Technology 120 GB RevoDrive Series PCI-Express x4 Solid State Drive (SSD) OCZSSDPX-1RVD0120PCIe Solid State Drive for High Performance consumer applications. The OCZ RevoDrive makes fast faster with an innovative performance design that pushes the envelope in solid state technology and leaves hard drives in the dust. Moving beyond the bottleneck of SATA2 the RevoDrive features a PCIe interface to deliver superior performance. Designed for high-performance gaming PCs and workstations, the RevoDrive dominates thanks to the unique capability to run both Windows and your essential applications and games. With speeds up to 540MBps and 65,000 IOPS, this bootable PCI-Express SSD not only provides a more responsive PC experience, but promotes cooler, quieter, and more energy efficient conditions compared to traditional mechanical hard drives. The RevoDrive can accommodate a wide range of computing environments such as video-editing and other multi-media creation and management, all while providing the superior durability and reliability of SSDs.

Price: $368.50

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tablet PC's and the Future of Newspapers and Magazines

Tech fanatics and bloggers were quick to herald the introduction of tablet PC's as the next big thing since sliced bread. The media hype that followed was enough to send jitters down the spine of newspaper and magazine publishers. Sadly, the skyrocketing popularity of Slate PC's coincided with an ad recession that saw small time newspapers and magazines close shop. The new buzz word became apps and if you didn't own one, you were doomed in the future.

As it turns out, all these fears were unfounded. In general, there has been a decline in sale of subscription newspapers and magazines; but not due to Tablet Computers. According to analysts, reduction in newspaper sale was more as a result of the economic recession than technological revolution. In fact, the economic recovery has brought back advertisers and print sales have begun to stabilize.

The reason for the turnaround is simple to explain. The popularity of Tablet Computers and Smartphone's is not driven by news. Hard news falls behind games, music, movies, books and other entertainment applications found on these devices. Hence, most of the news content that is sampled on slates and Smartphone's is also read on print. As a matter of fact, many people use tablet computer news applications to supplement rather than replace their main news sources.

Initial reactions to Tablet Computers among publishers were varied. Some were quick to commission for news applications and immediately set up digital divisions. Others took a watch and wait approach, while the rest brushed off the threat. The first batch is probably the most frustrated currently since they are seeing no immediate returns. Most slate users do not find it necessary to pay for online news content. The figures for development and subscription of news applications are also quite prohibitive.

All in all, no forward-looking company can ignore the ever-growing tablet computer apps market. Currently, there are more than half a million apps in the market with three percent representing news companies. Albeit there is no particular rush for newspapers and magazines to join the apps market, the option should still be kept open. It is important for newspaper and magazine publishers to study the tablet consumer market before investing in apps. As such, they will be able to reinvent themselves online and not simply replicate what others are doing.

Tablet computers have become all the rage since they were introduced in the market a couple of years back. Many people thought that newspapers and magazines had been relegated to the deathbed. Contrary to this, publishers are witnessing substantial returns from sales and advertisement. However, many publishers have also taken note of the potential in the tablet computers apps market and joined the fray.

You can get state of the art slate and touchscreen tablet computers by clicking on http://www.meebox.us/.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Tablet Vs Laptop

Despite the fact that you can now browse the internet, play games, watch videos, edit and view photo's, and listen to music while lounging at the pool, laying in bed, travelling on the bus or train, or basically anywhere you want, there are still a few key things that prevents laptops from going obsolete.

Price: laptops are generally still cheaper than tablets, especially when looking at high-end tablets like the iPad, Galaxy Tab, Xoom, etc.
Input speed: using a traditional keyboard for typing is still faster and more effective than using a virtual keyboard, especially with high volume typing workloads.
Ergonomics: although a tablet can be operated with one hand, it does not provide room for a wrist rest like a laptop does. The user also needs to constantly move their arm when operating the tablet, which could become tiresome.
Video capabilities: where laptop computers have discrete graphic cards, most tablets have embedded graphics processors. According to those who know, the quality of graphics of the graphics card and graphics processor are not yet on the same level. So a graphics card still produces better graphics.
Processor speed: tablets still have a long way to go to compete with the processor speeds of many laptop computers.
Folder management: tablets are not yet as folder orientated as laptop computers are. Anyone who uses a computer for work and business knows of the importance of folders and good folder management.
CD/DVD: tablets don't have CD or DVD ROMs, and they don't have CD or DVD writers either. If you intend to use your tablet to watch movies, you'll first have to get the movies on the flash memory or an external device that the tablet can read from. If the tablet can take an external flash memory card, you can copy the DVD to the memory card using your laptop. You can also not install anything from a CD or DVD meant for a PC or laptop computer, even if you can get it on the flash memory of the tablet. Programs that are meant for laptops and PC's don't work on tablets, because they require a different operating system like Windows / Linux / Mac OS.
Windows: this is maybe one of the most important reasons to keep your laptop. Only Windows tablets do Windows, and they are rather expensive and not as popular or polished as the other high-end tablets. So if you want to use Microsoft products like Office, then a tablet is not the best computer to use.

So that is a few of the most common reasons to keep your laptop a little while longer. The conclusion is this: for recreational use, a tablet is great. For work or business use though, a laptop is still better.

Be sure to visit my blog http://grannysgadgetguide.blogspot.com/ for more updates and information on the latest gadgets. You can also follow me on twitter (@GrannysGadgets). Hope to see you again soon

Elna Niemann

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tablet Wars! VHS or Betamax? Android, Apple, or Playbook?

I have clients asking me about tablets on a regular basis now. They want to know which platform is going to win. They need something, but they're just not sure what. So, here's my attempt to compare the platforms. Since I only have experience with the Android tablets, I'm looking for community input on the Apple iPad and Blackberry Playbook. How are they working for you? I give my best evaluation of each platform and stamp each with VHS (it's going to survive) or Betamax (going the way of the dodo bird).

Specifications As I said, I cannot speak to the iPad and Playbook except for what I hear from others, so be prepared for some hearsay. I use an Acer Iconia A500 - a Google Android tablet. It's somewhat larger than the Galaxy Tablet (the 7" one) and has a 10" screen. It's a little on the heavy side due to the long-life battery. The construction is solid, performance is very good, and it is expandable in a way that none of the others are (without docking stations anyway)... it has a full-size USB connector. This means you can plug a mouse, keyboard, thumb drive, or external hard drive directly in to the tablet if you wish. The Androids are showing up in lots of different configurations, some with keyboard docks, some with charging-only docks, the Transformer looks like a notebook and the "screen" opens and closes when docks. So far as I know, Apples and Playbooks are coming in limited configurations, with Microsoft devices being more flexible, although maybe not as much as the Androids.

The iPad 2 and any of the Android devices with the dual-core processors should be nice and quick. I'm guessing the Windows tablets will use the same type of hardware platform as Android, providing good performance. Once again, I don't know much about the Playbook. In general, the Android tablets (and theoretically Microsoft as well) will have a shorter hardware lifecycles than the others and they will be delivered by multiple manufacturers. This means you'll see more new and more recent hardware on the Android platform.

Verdict: VHS - Android & Microsoft Betamax - Apple & Playbook

Customization Apple allows less customization (mostly backgrounds and icons) of the tablet than do the Androids (extreme... change almost anything). This means that there is more you can mess up on Androids also though. I prefer the extra options, personally. I cannot speak to customization on the Playbook really, there's not much good information out yet. Peanut gallery... any input? We also know little at this point about the Microsoft tablets, but I'm going to guess they come out somewhere between the Apple and Androids.

Verdict: VHS - Android Betamax - Apple Unknown - Playbook & Microsoft

Apps Apple has more apps - at least for now. For the next year or two Apple is expected to stay fairly far ahead in the app war. Google and the new Microsoft tablets are expected to take a great deal of market share from Apple though, with the Google Market perhaps exceeding the Apple App Store sometime in 2014. Microsoft Windows 8 will be released in the next year or so and will potentially allow you to share apps between your desktop and tablet in a way you cannot with the other platforms. Plus, the Microsoft focus on the developer ecosystem should encourage rapid development. But... it's a long ways off and who knows what will happen between now and then. The Playbook has a small app store and they're coming from far behind. Tablets are a new form factor and the number of business applications for them are still somewhat limited. This will be a challenge for all of the platforms over the next couple years... to become relevant in the enterprise.

Verdict: VHS - Apple & Android Betamax - Playbook Unknown - Microsoft

Platform Staying Power The Playbook is an unknown at this point. Some people consider it a last flailing attempt by RIM to stay relevant with Blackberry phones rapidly losing out to Apple and Google devices. Apple and Android devices aren't going anywhere anytime soon. I personally think the Playbook is DoA. Microsoft is very late to the game, but as a platform I think they're going to be around for a while. The tablet form factor for Microsoft is largely an unknown then. They're certainly betting a lot on making it succeed.

Verdict: VHS - Apple & Android Betamax - Playbook Unknown - Microsoft

Security Theoretically the Playbook should do well in this category due to RIM's experience managing mobile devices on their Blackberry platform. It is largely unknown how well this will work so far though. The iPad and Google tablets have limited security options so far, and neither has good built-in enterprise management features for remote wiping as far as I know. There is some data encryption available, but it is limited. Mostly you'll need apps to add security to these devices. Expect better security when Windows 8 comes out eventually. Because Windows 8 will be a shared platform you should have Active Directory integration, Group Policies and remote mobile device management support. You'll also have access to the existing Windows security app base. That should push the other vendors to beef up their security so as to not lose market share to Microsoft.

Verdict: VHS - Playbook & Microsoft Betamax - Apple & Android

Fun Tablets are fun and can be a great addition (not replacement) to your mobile arsenal. They aren't expected to replace laptops or mobile phones either one, but to compliment them. In general, they excel at light to medium gaming (not quite as good as a Sony PSP or Nintendo DS) and heavier multimedia (audio and video playing), and light web browsing. Most of them will connect to an HDTV so you can display content in HD on the larger screen. How well they do each of these depends largely on the apps you have loaded, so it's hard to do an Apples to Apples comparison (pun intended!), but I'm just going to go out on a limb and say they'll all be roughly equal in the fun department. The problem is going to be for the Playbook in the apps and games categories. Their app store is starting way behind the other two. Windows tablets (when they arrive) should have a leg up if they can run PC platform games natively. There's a decent Windows app store, although it isn't as big as either of the two leaders - and they have no tablet apps in the store right now. I'm not sure how (or IF) the existing Windows Phone apps will transfer to the tablet either.

Verdict: VHS - Apple, Android, Microsoft Betamax - Playbook

So, here's a summary: Android - 5 x VHS, 1 x Betamax Apple - 3 x VHS, 3 x Betamax Microsoft - 3 x VHS, 3 x Unknown Playbook - 1 x VHS, 4 x Betamax, 1 x Unknown

Winner: Android!

Like I said at the top, my experience is limited to the Android mostly. My industry knowledge and hearsay let me make some projections about Microsoft, but I may be off on some of the Apple and Playbook stuff. Please correct me and feel free to elaborate on features and specs that I am unfamiliar with. In any case, this is a fun new technology field and we're going to have a great time watching all the players compete for the top one or two spots!

About the Author:
Scott Cameron wants to help you understand how mobile and cloud technologies can give your business an edge over the competition. Scott has served small and medium businesses as a technology advisor for over 15 years. For more information on these topics and more visit his blog at http://blog.quitecloudy.com/.

(c) Copyright Scott E. Cameron. Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Accidental Project Manager

When did you know you wanted to be a Project Manager, I can't say that I gave it much thought during my childhood years, actually I don't think I gave it much thought when I started working. I didn't study IT when I attended Uni, and only really stumbled into IT when I was employed to do another role for an international Oil and Gas Exploration company. I noticed the only IT guy in the company did very little, or it was perceived by me for what he got paid, that is really well for not doing much of anything, I wanted a piece of that action. So I asked the relevant questions, enrolled in night college and got myself a diploma in Data Processing, programming that sort of thing. It seems like a life time ago now...actually come to think of it, it's ancient history. The next few years was spent plodding about in Helpdesk roles, operations and general support, for those of you old enough, you might recall the "Tape Jockey", well that was me.

Then it happened, after working years on a Roster basis, night shift was the worst, I landed a role as a Network Analyst, I deserved it though, I worked hard and pleased as many people as I could with good service, so I started cutting my teeth on 2nd and 3rd level support, diagnosing problems setting up Networks (Novel at the time) performing maintenance routines and again offering good customer (internal staff members, are still our customers) great service. Open communication, that was my mantra, which still works for me today, keep everyone, customer and management in the loop, and tell them straight what is going on, and I found they normally give you latitude to do your own thing, and time to resolve the issue, it was great I was in my element. Before all this happened I didn't know I was cut out for this sort of stuff, but it came naturally.

Working for a large multinational fizzy drink manufacturer, there was plenty of scope to grow, and I would recommend to any "young player" out there, find yourself a home in a large organisation, move around, use them as much as they will use you, and learn, and learn and learn as much as you can about the way of the corporate world, stuff that just can't be taught in a text book. There it was my first Project Management role, I didn't know it at the time..it was Accidental in a way. Called into a meeting by my manager at the time, and I was asked...well more demanded that I should work on a project which was going to revolutionise the way orders where going to be placed by the sales staff, 24 hour turnaround, gone was the old paper and pen system, to be replaced by a fully automated state or the art system.

It was great and exhausting, responsible for the build and support of each laptop, for a Sales force of over 150 people, and the knowledge transfer that went with it, travelling to the remote parts of the state for weeks at a time, teaching the "ins and outs" of the system, how to enter data and transfer it to the mainframe. How picking slips would be generated and the order placed onto a pallet and then onto the back of a truck and out the door to the customer. There were plenty of the "old guard" who weren't interested, which was expected..but its' how you handle them and the situation which stands you out from the rest.

Take the time, never dismiss, everybody has a story to tell and communicate with those who are in trouble as with those who are not, get to know your customer, both internal and external and you will find out more than you expected. Once you have this skill, project delivery shouldn't be a chore, anyone can drone through the process of delivering a project, kicking and screaming along the way, but it takes a special person to communicate, to open up and have people open up to them, and together you deliver a project, maybe sometimes just by accident.

Enjoy the ride.

Daniel Cerone, creator of cer1projectmananagement has been an IT Project Management Consultant since 1996, and worked on many and varied major projects. The website http://www.cer1projectmanagement.com/, provides informative articles and other resources on everything you'll ever need to know about Project Management.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Advantages Of Text Messaging

People around the world are becoming more dependent on text messaging everyday. Individuals who send messages using a cell phone, or other electronic communication device can save money. People can send a message from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day. Individuals who are in business benefit from using this method of communication, because they can send a single message to many people at the same time.

Communicating with an electronic device allows people to save money. The current economy has caused individuals to be concerned about their spending habits. People often do not have money to pay for the long-distance rates of a telephone call. The ability to send electronic messages can provide people with a way to spend less money when communicating.

Individuals have the ability to send information at any time. If a person has access to a cell phone with a text-based capability, they will be able to communicate with others worldwide. This type of communication is quick and private. The communication can be saved for future reference if necessary.

Businesspeople can stay in contact with coworkers through phones and other devices. Being able to communicate with people simultaneously is advantageous from a productivity standpoint. There are various programs available which can be downloaded for people to link together and use the same messaging system to make communication simple.

People can communicate with friends and family members easily using their cell phone. Friendships and personal relationships can be strengthened through SMS system conversations. Individuals have the option of sending a short greeting to someone special at any time, for any reason. Communicating electronically is helpful for people in a long-distance relationship, because they are able to communicate regularly.

Individuals can receive promotional information about their favorite products through their cell phone. Companies have chosen to promote their products using electronic communication methods to increase sales. People like to have access to information very quickly regarding their favorite products. Receiving information about a new product can inspire a customer to make a purchase.

There are various benefits to text messaging. You can communicate with anyone at any time. When you are considering switching from fax to e-mail when communicating, you now have the option of using another way of sharing information. You can stay in contact with friends and family members using the latest technology Regularly connecting with people will help enhance the quality of relationship you have with them. Personal and business connections have been enhanced due to the popularity of staying connected using technology.

Check out our article on the advantages of text messaging as well as fax to email now for more info on Mustang Fax benefits

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Best Android Applications

If you are a little gizmo freak, you probably have a smart phone with a smart operating system. You can get the best Android applications in a smart phone and this technology has been gaining strength ever since 2008. No doubt, with the current rise in the sale of Android applications, you will see them installed in the smartest of all the phones available. There are different kinds of users who have opted for Android applications, and a few of them are interested in its newness and scope for advancement.

The idea behind the creation of these applications was to match the software and functionality of the leading business phones, like the BlackBerry and the iPhone. A small amount of people are diligently focusing on developing applications for these phones, while Android applications are already the best applications available on the market. The best Android applications have led to the creation of a worldwide market in the gizmo world and appear to be over taking the other major operating systems due to its compatibility with smart phone hardware and high performance.

You can browse the Android application store and find exciting and meaningful applications which are continually progressive and suit any Android smart phone. These apps are not only exciting but also very practical. For instance, you can access wireless Internet without having to ask for the password, which is unlike many leading food chains like Café Coffee Day and Barista where the customers have to be given a password.

Other great applications available with Google Android include the option of listening to the radio from global FM channels while picking the best and favorites with this app. It tunes to the indigenous channels and offers excellent quality which is much better than the antenna arrangements. It has highly productive applications which can help in getting things done and improve your managerial skills. So, we have the best Android applications which allow superb mind mapping to build a chain of conclusive ideas into effective actions. This allows the managing of everything to be planned, be it a meeting or the cleaning of a folder.

File Management is easier and faster, with simply following the quick move and remove options on your handset. The combination's of some of these productive tools in your smart phones provide you with a miniature version of a fully functional computer.

There is quick review of tasks, and easy delegation of pending tasks by you, because of elaborate and updated archives and to do lists. This makes management a piece of cake, and is one of the reasons why Android smart phones are becoming so popular. There is so much possible, thanks to the best Android applications.

However, due to its inability to display adobe components and flash players, it reduces you to being dependent upon a different system for downloading and other documentation. But these issues including those of accessing YouTube have been solved by Android providing a support system to run certain applications. You may visit Android sites wherein assistance has been provided to overcome certain difficult conditions that hamper any application from performing.

To learn more about this subject click here: Best Android Applications

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Best Android Applications Just for You!

Gone are the days when mobile phones were purchased on the basis of clarity of voice quality and talk-time offered by service providing companies. However, this is the era of applications and features which enhance the mobile phones and make them 'smart phones'. Here we shall discuss the Android phone applications for mobile phone users, which can be purchased through the Android market. They are simply a breakthrough in the mobile phone market. These android phone applications can also be enjoyed without too much damage to your wallet. Some of the best android applications are discussed in detail below:

1. Loopt: It is an extremely functional android application which helps you to locate your pals where the only prerequisite is being connected to Loopt. You can just by pinging one's friends via Loopt, find out where he or she is present at that point in time. One can easily find them by following the pop-up that appears on the locator map and establish contact with them. A lot of things can be shared with them as well. Suppose you are lonely and getting bored, you can easily find out if your pals are around or near you with the help of this superb application within seconds. This can also be put to use if you are waiting anxiously for someone and want to know where the person you are waiting for is - for instance a worried parent wondering why the kids haven't come home yet.

2.Tic-tac-toe: Not to be confused with the childhood game of tic-tac-toe, this application is one of the most popular free Android applications. There is an availability of a larger number of squares for the player, providing him multiple ways of winning the game. If the player wins, he gets to have five characters in place of three in a row. This results in a time extension, thus more fun too.

3. Snap photo application: This Android application with its smart feature of picture stabilization enables you to take photos of superb quality. The problem of blurry images due to a sudden slight movement of the motion sensitive camera phones is successfully handled by this special application. With the help of this application you need not worry about the clarity of the images, just sit back and keep taking as many pictures as you want one after the other!

Not only these, there are many other applications to choose from on the Android market, and you may well feel like downloading dozens and dozens of them. However, it is advised to download only a few applications at any one time. This not only saves space but also is less time-consuming. One can thus enjoy a wide range of Android phone applications without wasting much time, effort and most importantly, money!

To learn more about this subject click here: Best Android Applications

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Best Laptops Under $1000 Offer Impressive Features

Some of the best laptops under $1000 offer some quality features that will help you accomplish the work you need to get done when you are mobile. As manufacturers compete for your business, they are constantly upgrading their units to meet the demands of the consumer. Here we take at look at:

The Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook, which starts at $499, boots up very quickly and is said to be faster than desktop computers. The staying power of the battery is one thing people consider when purchasing a laptop and this series has a integrated lithium-polymer battery that lasts for an impressive 8.1 hours at 7.4 volts. Another strong feature is that there are no cooling fins at the point near the fan's exhaust, as it puts out such a small amount of heat. Since Samsung fixed all the glitches that were known to exist in their previous Chromebook, this unit has optimized performance. Their new model is not only slimmer and lightweight, but it is much more attractive than the previous model.

The Toshiba Satellite L655-S5158 starts at $629.99 and is ideal for home or office. The notepad comes with a endurable, high gloss Fusion finish that is not only attractive, but hides fingerprints exceptionally well. It offers a good amount of mobile computing power, so multi-tasking is no burden. It is equipped with a full-size keyboard with a ten key number pad. A multi-touch control allows you to swipe, rotate, scroll and zoom with a brush of your finger. A built-in HDMI port allows you to connect your laptop to a home theatre. Available in black, red and pink, this model is also sleek and lightweight.

The Apple MacBook MC516LL/A starts at $939.99; it has a fast 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and a 250 GB hard drive, which is a 'stand-alone' feature for a laptop, as it has a 10 hour battery life on one charge. It features NVIDIA graphics which bring increased speed and efficiency. Visuals are superb and frame rates are fast.

The top computer manufacturers are producing some of the most splendid laptops to date. They are now incredibly powerful and fast, but they are also becoming so affordable that more and more users are purchasing them. Functionality, performance, speed, graphics and efficiency are notable in all of the above models. Each new release out-performs and out-lasts its predecessor, making these some of the best laptops under $1000.

Finding the Best Laptops Under 1000 is not an easy thing. Fortunately, there are plenty of helpful websites online, that can narrow down your search and help you find the camera you need. You can visit http://www.squidoo.com/best-laptops-under-1000-dollars to read more information on these digital cameras I recommended.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Best Ways to Crack Or Reset A Forgotten Windows XP Administrator Password?

Have you ever before forgotten your Windows XP administrator password then finally you obtained it recovered by a remote home computer assistance provider? Effectively, consider it trouble-free, the windows password reset practice is pretty quick as long as you take utilization of the personal computer software system operates on reset Windows password. Through the allow of people robust Windows 7 password recovery equipment, all you have to do is usually to go along with its instruction for making many clicks, in order that you no extended must consult help from someone else or spend finances within the laptop computer pros.

You are able to think about implementing a Linux Stay CD to recover misplaced administrator password. Ophcrack Are living CD can be a favorite name within this context. They are particular distributions of Linux plus they run instantly in the CD. What this means is you do not ought to set up the operating strategy in your home PC. These Linux distributions are tremendously in style crack Windows passwords. Just study the documentation and learn about easy methods to utilize it. You simply really need to melt away the ISO and boot employing the CD.

A second notable name is Offline NT Password and Registry Editor. The plan may well be very small in dimensions but it will auto-detect the Windows set up and therefore the account names. Together with the help of this method it is easy to very easily reset or blank out a Windows password. So, in case you have forgotten your administrator password, you can quite simply resolve the difficulty.

John The Ripper is also a no cost password cracker that is certainly surprisingly advantageous for computer systems working on Windows, Linux and Macs. In case you are implementing Mac or Linux in addition they can recover password by this instrument. The software is incredibly quite a bit easy to use and it also comes with beneficial recommendations. So, the Computer customers will not get a hold of any difficulty to employ it.

Login Recovery is actually a renowned internet site where you can expect to locate a program that you could create on a CD after which boot your laptop using this CD. A record of account and a few figures are shown once the program runs. Be aware down people amounts. Enter them onto the web site in addition to the homepage will determine password for Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista running procedure. It is important to notice one point that this operates excellent with quick passwords. But, for those who have a password which can be eleven characters and mainly symbols, amounts, and letters then this method might not be capable to crack it.

They are some most handy web based assets that you may use to crack or reset a forgotten windows password reset. It can be continually advocated for making a recovery CD beforehand in order that if necessity arises you will use it. Nevertheless, some technical experience is required to carry out earlier mentioned brought up job. If you have tech assistance, you can easily seek the advice of a PC fix firm.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Importance of Chicago Electric Power Tools

If you happen to have a limited budget, Chicago electric power tools are the best option to take into consideration. These offer a range of tools to choose from and they are available at reasonable prices so that every penny is worth it. A lot of the tools are available in bargain basement prices.

Equipments which are corded and cordless are included in the variety of equipment which can be obtained at Chicago electric power tools. You can even see a few items designed for your workshop such as the band saw that is famous together with airplane kit builders. Other items available include drills, saws, sanders and also grinders. Apart from the outdoor yard tools, they also have a wide range of power tools for the household such as the electric winches with different capacities and electric hoist. Some bench based tools can be obtained like the compound miter saw at Chicago electric tools.

The band saws accessible at Chicago electric power tools are utilized to cut thin materials into peculiar shapes along with reduced waste coming from the width of the blade. This blade which is thin and flexible will allow the material to be cut in such a way that the radius curve is smaller compared to the cutting made from a circular saw. The material has to be rotated when using the band saw so that the desired curve is achieved. You can even create a tool termed as jig which will assist in achieving an extremely smooth curve. This will reduce the amount of sanding that is necessary just to finish the item.

Furthermore, the bands on the band saws available at Chicago electric power tools are thin and flexible so they can easily be broken while you are in the process of cutting a certain material. Under this kind of circumstance, it is best to put off the machine and then find another blade for replacement. Make sure that the money you used in purchasing replacement blades is only intended for the best kind. Welds will turn out to become stronger and the blade will last longer than expected if you go for the expensive types.

You also have to exercise caution when you are performing tasks with the band saw. Do not attempt to wear gloves as well as long sleeves which are loose while you operate a band saw. Avoid items such as these since these may injure any body part in contact with the blade. When operating all kinds of equipment from Chicago electric power tools, always wear protective eyewear so that eye protection is assured. With the best option at hand, you will surely obtain the tools you want from Chicago electric power tools. With these tools, projects in your workshop can be accomplished easily. You can avail of these tools through the Internet and also in stores within your locality.

chicago electric tools - Any start-up home workshop can definitely bulk up with the addition of power items from the affordable and reliable Chicago Electric Power Tools.

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