Monday, July 18, 2011

Plantronics Savi Office Wo100 - Big Business In A Small Package

Savi Office WO100 is the real deal - big business in a small package. If you are looking for a serious corporate headset system, this is the one you want to consider.

Savi Office is a universal wireless DECT system for the simultaneous use of a desk phone and PC. It allows you to switch between calls by pressing just one button on the headset.

A unique feature of Savi Office is the possibility of combining a regular phone call with a call from a softphone in order to conduct a conference call. In addition to this, the system allows to use multiple headsets with just one base unit, which allows you to add 3 more people to the conference call. Therefore, you do not have to buy several Savi Office systems. It's enough to complete it with the needed number of spare headsets and chargers, which can be easily connected to the base unit system. For example, you are on the phone. Then suddenly you need your colleague to jump in and join the conversation. That is not a problem for Savi Office WO100. As mentioned earlier, multiple headsets connect to a single base and allow you to teleconference in a flash of time.

The specially designed software Persono Suite is included with the headset. Pesono Suite allows you to quickly switch between regular phone calls and VoiP calls, turn off the microphone and put calls on hold with just one click. Users can personalize Persono Suite functions, set their own parameters (such as ringtones, volume, etc.) To maximize user comfort, Savi Office (Convertible) allows you to use the headset with both and earhook or a headband, depending on your preference. That is undoubtedly a huge advantage. Moreover, the user can regulate the headset's wireless range. There are 3 main ranges: 10, 50 or 100 meters.

Here are some of the users' opinions about the product:

- I bought this headset several months ago. Sound quality is great and the system is also really simple and easy to get used to. The biggest advantage is the ability to switch from Computer VoiP to regular phone and even to conference between them. I also enjoy the wireless free range. Now I can roam around my office, get a cup of coffee without having to wait till the end of the call. What is important, the sound quality doesn't get worse if you are standing within the wireless range (I think somewhere between 100 meters).

- As some other people have mentioned before, the headset's main disadvantage is the headset's earphone. But nonetheless, in a few days you really get used to it. Because for me, the headset is all about the other things - great sound quality, wireless range, and flexibility.

It's up to you to decide whether the headset is worth the money. By the way, the average price is around 250-300 dollars. I personally think that among other office headset systems, Savi Office WO100 is the best combination of both quality and money.

Oh, I forgot to mention, all Plantronics Headsets offer a 1 year warranty. So I guess that does say something about quality, doesn't it?

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