Monday, July 18, 2011

Kindle Vs Nook Vs iPad

It is quite understandable if a lot of students wish to leave their books at home. Carrying them can be a burden, especially with the growth of information. With the invention of e-book readers, having books around has become easier for school children and even professionals. Three of the popular e-book readers of today are Kindle, Nook and iPad. All three are highly capable of e-book reading, but how do you know which one is best for you and your needs? Here is a brief comparison of the three:

The Kindle

A proud Amazon development, the Kindle is a popular pick among students because it is exclusively made for e-book reading. Over the years, Amazon has created newer versions to meet the changing needs of the consumers.

Pros: Kindle can download directly from Sprint's EV-DO service. You can download a lot of rich content, and the connection is free. As far as the memory is concerned, it could store about 3, 500 books and accept external 4G drives. The E-Ink Pearl screen is also very clear, giving you the look and virtual feel of a real book.

Cons: Kindle is quite monochromatic; it comes in black and white colors only. The screen is also very small, so those with visual problems might not find it very comfortable. You have to buy an extra lighting accessory if you want to read even in dark places. It is also very costly these days, reaching to almost $200.

The Nook

Barnes and Noble, a reputable publishing company, developed the Nook as their own version of reading e-books.

Pros: Unlike the Kindle, the Nook has a colored navigation system run by Android OS. For those who have a hard time navigating, they could also use the keypad provided. It is also the first e-book reader that offers the share-your-book option. Downloading could be done through wireless or through 3G connection.

Cons: The nook does not have a web browser, and the battery life is quite shorter than that of typical e-book readers.

The iPad

By far the most popular tablet PC ever created, Apple has revolutionized gadget portability and functionality by developing not just an e-book reader, but a personal computer as well.

Pros: Apple released the iPad with the convenience of web browsing, video streaming and e-book reading. It has a full color touch screen, where reading in the dark is not difficult. You can also download and purchase a lot of applications to maximize e-book reading.

Cons: The videos do not have flash, so you will basically have a hard time with them. It is also quite expensive.

If you want to do more with your e-book reader with a lot of money in your pocket, the iPad is the best choice that you can get. The few cons outweigh the pros, and you need not use a netbook because it also functions as a miniature PC.

The other e-book readers, Kindle and Nook, are not that bad. If you only want to read e-books and nothing else, purchasing a Kindle or a Nook is more advisable. If you still have a tight budget, go for the Nook as it is much affordable.

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