Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tablet Computers Vs Laptop Computers

The proliferation of tablet devices in the US market has contributed to a decline in the sale of net books, laptop and desktop PCs. According to analysts, most people who purchase slate devices are using them to replace their PCs and not to supplement them. So does this spell doom for laptop and PC makers? What are the reasons behind the spiking popularity of tablet devices over conventional PCs?

Ease of Use
One of the main reasons behind the popularity of slate computers is ease of use. Computer operation is mainly based on software and Operating Systems. If you are unfamiliar with a particular program, using it can prove virtually impossible. This is especially true for elderly folk who are not as tech savvy as their youthful counterparts.

Tablet computers on the other hand are as easy as they come. You can learn to navigate through the direct features and applications within hours. The email and browsing facilities on these devices are also simpler to maneuver than the typical PC web browser.

Apps Vs Software
There is a fine distinction between apps and software. Despite the fact that the two facilities perform almost similar functions, the latter requires more skills and experience than the former. You need to install software in your PC and take time to learn how to use it. With apps, the process is much simpler. You simply click on widgets and stuff begins to happen. Although software is the ultimate power behind both the PC and Slate gadgets, most of it has been relegated to the workplace.

Ten years ago, your laptop was the epitome of speed and convenience; nowadays it is your tablet PC. With a laptop computer, you have to find a secure hot spot, log in then conduct your online business. With a Slate device on the other hand, you can pay bills, transfer money, check emails and still listen to some music while you are at it from any location. Basically, a tablet computer combines the hustle and bustle of your PC or Laptop, and bring functionality closer to your fingertips.

Another factor that contributes to the rising popularity of tablet devices is their personal nature. A touch screen gadget or Smartphone is certainly more personal than a desktop PC. You can store both work related and personal content in your hand-held device. As such, you can be able to work from any location with or without your PC.

There has been an increase in the popularity of tablet computers and Smartphones in the past few years. In the same period there has been a slow down in the sale of laptop computers and Desktop PCs. Nonetheless, PCs and laptops are not facing the prospect of total annihilation since they form the backbone of most industries and offices. However, the proliferation of tablet devices and Smartphones in the market raises significant questions about the future of PCs and laptop computers in residential areas, schools and colleges.

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