Saturday, February 26, 2011

Popular Computer Monitors - Features to Look For

The topic concerning popular computer monitors comes under consideration when people opt for assembled computer systems wherein they need to hand pick each component as opposed to the sealed computer set which is inclusive of everything. Owing to the market being inundated with computer suppliers of every magnitude, nowadays it is possible to acquire an assembled computer at an affordable rate with the price of the monitor being only a small fraction of the total cost.

To individuals who are in favor of an assembled system, a strong recommendation would be to shortlist popular computer monitors on the basis of certain attributes as these are more likely to balance quality and performance with an affordable price.

Computer monitors are of two types namely CRT (cathode ray tube) and LCD (liquid crystal display) and while the former is older and cheaper, the latter is a contemporary and economical in terms of space. Both varieties are popular amongst computer buyers as their purchase depends on factors like budget and available space.

Another factor which determines the popularity of computer monitors is the size of the screen and although the standard size in vogue today is a 19-inch, a larger monitor like a 21-inch or a 23-inch is definitely preferable. The reason underlying this preference is that as compared to a small screen a large screen facilitates side-by-side comparison of documents and allows the user to keep track of several applications at the same time.

Many computer monitors are judged on the basis of their response time and some are adjudged as per their contrast ratio as well. In this regard, the computer monitors which are popular amongst multimedia users and professionals are ones which boast of a combination of high contrast ratio and low response time. An ideal ratio in this regard which would enable the user to differentiate between color shades would be 1400:1 while the response time required for updating screen images must not go beyond 2 milliseconds.

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