Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kensington Expert Trackball Mouse Review: Don't Buy a Trackball Mouse Until You Read This! Part 1

Kensington Expert Trackball Mouse Review

I've been using this Kensington trackball on my desktop for a little less than a year now (I'm using no less than 4 logitech vx revolutions on my various laptops!) and I can say that with a few exceptions most aspects of it are amazing!

First of all trackballs in general are simply phenomenal in comfort. Your friends may gape and wonder why anyone is still using a trackball in this day and age, but the advantages are undeniable.

You should buy a trackball in general because...

o Saves desktop space - you don't have to wave your hand around on a cluttered desk as with a mouse.
o Pain free - Your wrists, and joints ache less since trackballs are so ergonomic. This equates to more productivity!
o Programmable - A lot of mice are too but not the cheaper ones.
o Really hard to lose - unlike wireless mice.
o Cool factor - Trackballs look cool partly because they are somewhat of a rarity. A trackball shows you take care of yourself when computing. There's a reason why graphic artists prefer trackballs over mice.

On top of those general benefits, my Kensington Expert Trackball always surprises me with it's precision. With my Logitech VX revolution - which I also consider to be one of mankind's best inventions, I'm always hunting for the right place to put my cursor to click on a button, or to find a scroll bar etc. With the Kensington Expert Trackball, I realize that I don't do that at all. The pointer always goes where I want it to go. Without fail. If I need to make an adjustment, I just need to wiggle my index finger a bit and I'm golden. Funny thing is, I don't even notice how comfortable that precision is until I revert back to using a mouse, especially if that mouse is of lesser quality.

You should buy this Kensington Expert Trackball because
o Once you get used to it, it's really one of the most comfortable computing experiences you will ever encounter.
o It's really different and intuitive.
o It will help you do whatever you do faster and more efficently

More on the Kensington Expert Trackball in part 2 of my review. See you there.

Trudy is a multi-sport enthusiast who likes producing movies with her sport camcorders, running a blog as well as hiking and skiing with her dog Taffy. My experience in computing has taught me that having the right equipment for the job makes or breaks the pleasure factor in the undertaking. Time is gold, save your time and energy scouring the internet looking for the best trackball mouse and take a look at my recommendations.

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