Friday, February 25, 2011

Promotional Flash Drives - The Most Demanding Device in the Market

There are mainly two types of items given away as promotional gifts in respect to usability are concerned. While one type of gifts that are given away is locked up inside the drawer like a piece of crap, the other category are like by people and helps in serving useful purposes. It is not a matter of concern whether the gift is heap in price or not. However, the thing that matters is the usage of the item by the receiver.

While giving away gifts for promotional purpose, it is always needed to be seen that people get to use them on a daily purpose. These gifts are given to promote a product or the brand name of accompany. Therefore, locking these items inside the drawers will not solve the purpose of getting the company name being highlighted before a large category of people.

Although there are a lot of items that can be used as promotional gifts, but uniqueness of the product is always appreciated by the receivers. One such unique product is the promotional flash drives. These items have created a revelation in the market of electronic data transfer devices. Previously, data transfer took place through the help of floppy devices and compact discs.

However, the usage of floppy device is not preferred nowadays due to several limitations. The floppy discs are more prone to being damaged. Moreover, they does not hold large amount of data. They are also more expensive.

However, such is not the case for flash drives. The flash drives functions mainly through the help of universal Serial Bus. As a result they are also known as USB memory sticks. The major advantage of these devices is their shapes and sizes. They are extremely portable to carry and taken from one place to another. Moreover, they have more capacity of data holding if compared to floppy or CD discs.

If compared with the data holding capacity, then it can be said that these USB flash drives are much cheaper in price than its competitors are. There are many cheap USB memory sticks available in the market. These devices also last for more period than the CD and Floppy discs available in the market.

Although not known by many, but a flash drive can be used also to speed up your personal computer. They act as external ram in certain Windows version of Operating Systems.

Nowadays, the television sets, music players, and video players all feature the faculty of having USB ports. These are sued to insert the USB flash drives to view for video files or listen to music file contained in the drives.

Companies like SanDisk, Transcend, HP, Kingston and Mercury are some of the leading producers of USB flash drives in the market. They produce for both cheap and expensive categories of these flash drives. A wide range of designs is also available to get them gifted to people.

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