Sunday, January 30, 2011

How To Crack Or Reset A Forgotten Windows XP Administrator Password?

Have you ever forgotten your Windows XP administrator password and then at last you got it recovered by a remote computer support provider? Well, in many cases it is seen that computer users forget the password of administrator account. Many also format the computer to fix the issue. In this article we will discuss on how to crack or reset a forgotten Windows XP administrator password. There are various online resources that could be used to accomplish this task.

You can consider using a Linux Live CD to recover lost administrator password. Ophcrack Live CD is a popular name in this context. These are special distributions of Linux and they run directly from the CD. This means you don't need to install the operating system on your computer. These Linux distributions are highly popular crack Windows passwords. Just read the documentation and learn how to use it. You just need to burn the ISO and boot using the CD.

Another notable name is Offline NT Password and Registry Editor. The program might be very small in size but it'll auto-detect the Windows installation and the account names. With the help of this program you can easily reset or blank out a Windows password. So, if you have forgotten your administrator password, you can easily fix the issue.

John The Ripper is also a free password cracker that is very useful for computers running on Windows, Linux and Macs. If you are using Mac or Linux they also can recover password by this tool. The application is very much easy to use and it also comes with good instructions. So, the PC users won't find any difficulty to use it.

Login Recovery is a renowned website where you will find a program that you can write on a CD and then boot your computer with this CD. A list of account and some numbers will be displayed when the program runs. Note down those numbers. Enter them onto the website and the website will find out password for Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista operating system. You should note one thing that this works fine with simple passwords. But, if you have a password which is 11 characters and mostly symbols, numbers, and letters then this program might not be able to crack it.

These are some most useful online resources that you can use to crack or reset a forgotten Windows XP administrator password. It is always recommended to make a recovery CD beforehand so that if necessity arises you can use it. However, some technical expertise is required to perform above mentioned task. If you need tech support, you can consult a PC repair company.

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