Friday, January 7, 2011

Some Unique Phone Applications That Are Worthwhile

Many times, it is difficult to find a software application because you do not know what you are looking for? After having iPod repair or iPhone repair, you will be looking for some unique applications. Let us find out some surprising applications that will actually be fruitful in the long run.

Can you believe there is a possibility of having a mosquito repellent application? Well, there is a mosquito repellent that works by sound. This means you do not need to keep citronella candles or bug spray. The sound frequency supposedly between 16000Hz and 20000Hz is known to repel the little pesky intruders.

When you connect your little devise to speakers, the mosquitoes will get the message to remain away and never return. Interestingly, human ears cannot get a whiff of this sound, so you can leave this application activated while enjoying a peaceful sleep alongside.

Another intriguing application is that of Easy Flashlight. This can virtually turn your phone into a flashlight. In this regard, you will find countless free applications capable of doing this. However this particular one does not carry images of bulbs or LEDs that can possibly lighten the intensity of the screen. It appears to be quite a bit of help when you are in the middle of dark surroundings!

Yet another fun for those who love kaleidoscopes; there is an app that generates with animation of rotating a usual kaleidoscope. It is mainly a trial version of the more complicated Kaleidoscope X application. You can halt the moving picture by double clicking the image on your screen. This tends to freeze the current picture. In case you wish to reactivate it, just double tap the screen.

Also by dragging your finger along the screen, you can easily speed-up changes. There is another option to change the image fully just by double tapping the top of the screen. For most viewers, this application is a sense of delight.

Here comes another application exclusively for ladies. In this application, you will find 30 different hair-dos that you can add to your album. You also have the option to vary the color and length and see how it goes. After that you can send the picture to your Facebook account, e-mail it to friends, or even to your stylist.

Simon Says is without charge. It is a very interesting application that allows a person to test his/her memory by assembling a series of colors along with sounds and then asking the person to recall that specific series. Obviously, the difficulty goes up with each sound. Mainly, it comprises of four modes and is run through an automatic function which is capable of changing the theme according to change in season or perhaps holiday.

Currently, there appears to be an application for nearly everything and more become part of routine with each passing day. From going through books; enjoying games; making friends through social networking to giving out information regarding where and what to eat; where to travel; what to see, the amount of existing applications is unlimited. Another plus is the fact that most of them are free.

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