Saturday, January 8, 2011

Satisfying Both Consumers and the Environment With Biosphere Technology

Energy consumers have always been subject to the dilemma of satisfying their desires for efficient energy or giving in to the needs of the environment for green energy. Most consumers obviously opt to satisfy their own wants even if puts the planet in grave danger. Consumers have to choose because over the centuries, efficient forms of energy have always had huge negative impacts on the environment. Green forms of energy on the other hand always paled in terms of efficiency. Efficiency is one quality of energy consumers cannot forgo. In this world run by technology and in these industries where the competition is fierce, efficiency is considered by most as essential. And many would willingly sacrifice the environment to sate their thirst for efficiency. Biosphere Technology will change this mindset.

Biosphere Technology will eliminate the need to choose between sacrificing efficiency or the environment. This is because the said technology has the ability to satisfy both the demand of consumers for efficient energy and the need of the planet for green energy. It incorporates advanced gasification techniques to transform solid wastes into energy. Yes, solid waste is its feedstock. This means that the process needs to consume waste before it can create energy. This is very helpful to the environment because the garbage that filths the earth will be disposed of. The need for landfills will no longer be necessary because all the trash contained in them will be converted into energy. Space is invaluable in these times of rapidly growing population and clearing the garbage of the landfills will lead to more vacant spaces. The said spaces can then be treated and developed into more useful endeavors.

Biosphere Technology presents efficiency comparable or even better that of conventional forms of energy today. The use of air tight chambers that allow full control over the amount of oxygen that can interact with the feedstock allows optimal incineration of the waste. This makes sure that on every stage of conversion, the most optimum temperature is used to arrive at the purest energy particles. The purer the energy the more efficient it is. The same chambers also limit the escape of carbon gases into the air thus effectively preventing air pollution. This is what makes the said technology green.

Darewin Amio Ocampo is a technical writer for the Search Engine Optimization Department of True Bio Electric - a company belonging to the True Green Energy Group. TBE converts your waste into clean green electricity using the revolutionary Biosphere Technology.

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