Monday, March 14, 2011

With Proper Computer Maintenance and Repair, Problems Can Be Reduced

Removing unwanted files from the system, optimizing the web browser, installing only the necessary programs, and keeping the computer safe, are some of the ways in which a computer can be maintained well. Though trained computer technicians handle computer maintenance and repair, they are, in a sense, antithetical functions. It is so, because a computer that is well maintained is unlikely to need any repair worth the name. However, one that is badly maintained will be in need of frequent repairs.

Computer technicians, whether it is an emergency repair required by some major problem, or even if it is routine computer maintenance repair, handle any form of computer repair. But the maintenance of the computer is more the responsibility of the computer user than that of anyone else. By sticking to certain rules, a person can have his computer always in its functional best, and keep his computer service charges to a minimum.

The first of these rules is getting rid of unwanted files. By following this rule for computer maintenance repair requirements can be substantially reduced. Unnecessary files can be removed by cleaning up the hard drive at frequent intervals using the disk clean up option within the accessories menu. All temporary files, wherever they are located, can also be deleted. Further, you can go through your own stored data, and delete files that have outlived their use. Those that are not continuously needed, but cannot be deleted, can be removed to removable data storage devices like a thumb drive.

Computer maintenance and repair reduction can also be achieved by limiting the number of programs installed in a computer. The more the programs, the more start up time the computer will need, and faster would be the wear and tear. For certain jobs, a combination of programs might be unavoidable and you might have to bear the problem. Still, in an office with many computers, the installation of too much space-occupying software can be limited to only those machines with larger memory and space. At home also, if there is a desktop and a laptop, computer maintenance repair problems can be reduced if programs can be selectively installed.

Optimizing the web browser, running antivirus programs regularly, cleaning up extra desktop icons, not keeping files on the desktop, etc. are other ways in which computer maintenance repair scenario can be improved. A web browser automatically saves the addresses of the web sites that have been visited so that if the user just types the letter 'g', it will prompt with the search details of a thousand previous searches that had started with g. It is not good to overload a browser in that way. Frequently deleting cookies and browsing history and optimizing the browser will better satisfy computer maintenance and repair requirements.

Keeping the computer 'physically' safe is also important for right computer maintenance and repair avoidance. Computer manufacturers do incorporate features that make it shock proof and temperature proof to a certain extent. But such features are not any form of guaranteed protection. Other electronic gadgets should not be kept near a computer, no objects should be bumped against it, and computer is not an object on which you can spill coffee or coke. If all these can be followed, it would lead to good computer maintenance repair.

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I am totally agree with your point that if keep our system maintain then the chances of problems will remain minimum. Thanks a lot for this great post.

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