Tuesday, March 1, 2011

HP ProLiant ML330 Review

Small scale business people should spend some time here to read the review of this great HP ProLiant ML330 model computer. Whatever advancement may come in the computer industry, nothing can equal the convenience of desktop computers. Laptop can be convenient to carry anywhere, but desktop PC's are compulsory for your home and for your profession. HP ProLiant ML330 is a wonderful computer that is essential for every small, medium and large scale businesses.


HP ProLiant ML330 is a very expensive but an impressive computer that can satisfy your complete business needs. The price tag of this computer starts with $1500. The maximum amount you need to spend for this computer is $2400. You will get some unusual features in this model which will be helpful for your professional use. So, if you are not cared about spending few dollars extra, you can right now order for this outstanding machine.

Operating System

HP ProLiant ML330 operating system is optional and the best system for this machine is Windows 2008 operating system. This operating system is like the Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating system. So, you can use this computer for your residential use and official use.


This machine is not sleek but it looks pleasing to your eyes. The main advantage of this machine is the internal design. The machine is fitted with various essential and advanced tools to make your work ease. This machine also offers upgrading facility for your RAM and hard disc. So, you can go for basic configuration and upgrade your machine later on when you are financially sound. Once you purchase this machine, it can be used forever even if your business grows.


The highlight of HP ProLiant ML330 model is its boosting processor. The machine is equipped with Intel Xeon Processor. The iLO2 controlled HP ML330 machine help in remote operation of the machine. The processor is very effective and fast when you are handling multitasking activities. Intel Xeon Processors increases the life and speed of the machine.

This HP computer also offers other additional features like 6 USB Ports, Graphic Card etc. The motherboard is provided with an internal USB port and onboard SD memory slot. The maximum RAM range for this PC is 144 GB. The hard disc capacity is also very high which enable you to store more files, videos, movies, games etc. The major advantage of this machine is that it is upgradeable. You can add any optional tools or increase the RAM and hard disc capacity in future also.

This machine looks little expensive. But, if you look into its features and advantages, it is definitely worth to use one like this for your professional use. The server also has the upgrading facility. The price of this machine can be reduced by using the HP discount coupon codes that is available for the purchasers who order through internet. So, before placing the order, read the HP ProLiant ML330 reviews and fetch for the discount coupon codes.

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