Monday, March 14, 2011

Computer Services For Hard Drive Repair

Over time hard drive could develop errors for a number of reasons. Causes like power outrage, power surges, improper shutdowns and age of drive are some of the most common reasons for errors in hard drives.

The experts at computer services offer a method that can repair a damaged hard drive. It is sort of a test and at the end of it you can be sure if the hard drive is nearing its end. It is not a very difficult test. You can do it yourself. And if you have any sort of difficulty running it you can contact any time to our 24/7 computer support experts. You need to describe your computer system and they will advise you what you will need to do in the situation. If you are not a computer geek you can easily get the help of remote network support team on a very nominal charge.

The tech support experts wants the users to have a back up of the systems and all the important data before running the test because you can lose your invaluable data during the running of the process depending on the extent of the damaged caused to the hard drive.

The experts at computer services team want you the insert a Windows XP/2000 installation CD and restart the PC. You can receive the prompt asking for the boot method. You can receive another prompt asking what you would like to do? Then you need to select the letter "R" to enter the Windows Recovery Console.

You will receive the prompt about what partition you would like to boot to and you will select the partition that has the Operating Systems installed in it. May be you will need to give an administrator password or may be you will need to enter simply by pressing enter button.

Another prompt will appear asking for command. You will need to type the command chkdsk /p and then you need the press enter on your keyboard.

Now it is the time for checking the errors of your drive. The test will be run to check the errors. If you get any message like this "One or more errors detected on the volume", your hard drive errors then can be fixed by using CHKDSK. But if you don't get any of such messages then CHKDSK won't be able to fix the errors on your drive. Then may be you will need to consult the computer services expert team.

But if one or more errors are found you can type the command chkdsk /r and press the enter button on your keyboard. Once you have pressed the enter button the CHKDSK will begin checking for any errors in every sectors and will automatically repair them. The methods can take time depending on the size of the drive.

Once the scanning for the testing job is done, and it returns to the command prompt you can type the command chkdsk /p and can press the button enter on your keyboard.

If you see no error in your drive you have successfully completed your testing method and your hard drive is repaired. If you see the errors again this means that the CHKDSK was unable t repair the damage.

Now you can exit the Recovery Console and can remove the CD of Windows XP/2000 installation.

By following the above mentioned procedures recommended by the computer services experts, you can repair the damage of your hard drive.


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