Tuesday, March 1, 2011

HP Pavilion P6580t Review

HP Pavilion P6580t! if you are thinking of purchasing this desktop PC, then you can straight away proceed to place your order. This great machine is one of the outstanding models of HP computer that is designed with advanced features to meet your needs. The following review will reveal the highlights and advantages of HP Pavilion P6580t desktop computer.


The durability and performance of a computer completely relies on the processor. P6580t model comes with i5 Intel Core processor in the basic model and it can also be further upgraded to latest i7 quad-core processor. The i7 processor assures good speed to your computer even while you are working with complex software and multiple applications. The processor is also well supported by the intel turbo boosting technology which allows you to operate the system with less power but at good speed.

Other features

HP Pavilion P6580t operates on Windows 7 64-bit operating system. The system is also designed with 8GB of RAM which supports the system to function without interruption and at great speed.

Color and design

Next to performance, we also consider the style and color of a computer. HP Pavilion P6580t is not only a great machine for your home to work, but also a cute looking machine with glossy black finish with silver and chrome accents. The front portions of this system with unique features are totally concealed. There is an illuminated power button, DVD writer cum player, 15-in-one digital media card reader in the front portion of the system. This system also allows you add some optional tools such USB wireless LAN card, portable storage etc. The sound system is extremely good with this model as the machine is fitted with Intel High Definition Audio 7.1 surround sound. Other optional tools include tuner, personal video recorder etc.

Additional features

HP Pavilion p6580t allows you to allocate up to 256MB of main system memory to store videos, games, photos, images etc. Hence, this system is also useful for the professionals who are working in the multimedia industry. You can create powerful HD videos, graphics with this computer. Creating and editing photos can be conveniently done with this computer.

HP Pavilion p6580t machine is exclusively designed to handle the multimedia operations with ease. This machine can be included with powerful 1.5GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 230 Graphics Card. With this card you can stream images and handle any type of multimedia works effortlessly.

If you want to completely make this machine into entertaining one, then include the MediaSmart software. This software will be helpful to create movies, videos and slide shows. MediaSmart software allows you stream and edit photos easily.

From the above review, it is clear that HP Pavilion p6580t is a multitasking machine that can fit your home and business needs. You can use this as your complete entertaining machine or a machine to assist you in your profession. So, look for the discount coupons and bring this desktop computer to your home/office at great price.

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