Friday, March 18, 2011

Remote Computer Services Provide Protection For Your Business and Home

Remote computer services provide the ability to observe your business 24-7 from offsite. This is a great way to protect your business from potential theft and vandalism. Digital surveillance can be linked to your home computer or another offsite computer for easy visual surveillance when you are away from your business. One of the major ways that businesses lose money is through theft.

Remote access computer services can spy on the employees while they are at work. Watch the cash register and protect your business from theft. The cash register is the number one way that employees steal. If you are wondering about a certain individual's honesty watch their behavior from offsite. Are they treating customers with respect and kindly? Are they over charging and pocketing the increase? Are they correctly tallying the day's figures or are they stumbling through and making mistakes? You can watch their cash register behavior from offsite through remote computer services.

Remote computer services can also have cameras setup to watch outdoors. A outdoor camera can protect and stop vandalism. It can also catch other businesses or individuals who are dumping their trash into your trash receptacle. There are added costs that can be stopped when there is 24 hour surveillance. Stop employees from stealing from the stock room. Disappearing merchandise, office supplies and electronic devices can be stopped quickly with the proper surveillance system. Use remote computer services to watch your home. What are your children doing while you are away for the day? Log into your computer and check on the days activities. Is your child watching TV instead of doing homework after school? Are friends being invited in while you are away? Check on the babysitter's kindness and care of the baby. Is the baby being loved and played with or left to entertain their self all day in a play pen? A remote computer service can allow you to watch what is going on while you are out of the house. Watch your home from your office. A remote computer service can be linked to your personal and business computer systems so that you can watch what is taking place while you are away. This product is easily affordable for the average home owner and small business. Finally, with remote assistance, someone can log into your computer, get all the diagnostics on your computer and actually fix your computer remotely. If you ever wondered why your computer is running slow, you can have someone log in and see what is wrong. This would save you the hassle of bringing your computer to a computer specialist to fix it. Saving you time and money.

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Ian McLellan is an information technology and computer engineer specialist. He as worked with home users and small to large business users, with their technology needs. Remote computer assistance and repair is available worldwide. You can contact Ian by going to: or


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