Saturday, March 19, 2011

Metro Vacuum DVR-1 DataVac 3-in-1 Cordless Desktop Computer Cleaning System

Metro Vacuum DVR-1 DataVac 3-in-1 Cordless Desktop Computer Cleaning System3 in 1 Cordless Desktop Computer Cleaning System. Three Power Options in One Unique Unit. Rechargeable Battery Powered For Extra Power Plug it into an AC Outlet Cleans and protects every part of your computer. The Datavac Shuttle is a three way, lightweight, portable high powered vacuum/blower specifically designed to clean dust and dirt from computers and office equipment. It cuts maintenance costs and computer downtime. Protects valuable hi-tech hardware from aggravating breakdowns, expensive repairs and even permanent damage. COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT, POWERFUL! Less than 7" long the shuttle weights only 8 oz.. It is so compact it conveniently sits in a small corner on your desk. Just pick it up, turn it on and dust is gone. Return it to its uniquely designed "charging station" for an optional swift charge that keeps it operating for 40 minutes. Or plug in your AC Adapter for extra power and unlimited use. The shuttle had the freedom to go anywhere. With three power options, the Shuttle® can go anywhere.... from station to station, room to room, office to home, desktop to laptop...or even on the road. Cleans the smallest places. Specifically designed micro cleaning tools reach the most inaccessible places where dust and dirt collect to create breakdowns. No need for canned air. Environmentally friendly, no cans to throw away. The Datavac® Shuttle includes: 3 in 1 Power Unit Charging Station Four Rechargeable. Batteries: 110 Volt AC Adapter; M

Price: $37.50

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