Thursday, June 16, 2011

What to Look for When Buying a Waterproof MP3 Player

About Waterproof MP3 players

It was inevitable that enterprising MP3 manufacturers would eventually come up with waterproof models of portable music players. Music as you exercise is motivational, and swimming laps pass quicker with the addition of music. Add to that the general noisiness of your average swimming pool then a waterproof MP3 player is to be welcomed by many swimmers.

However, electrical components and water are generally incompatible, and it has been a challenge for manufacturers to come up with a reliable product that does not short out after a few uses. The chlorine in many swimming pools adds its own corrosive nature and anybody using an underwater MP3 device should be prepared to maintain it with regular rinsing and cleaning of susceptible jack points.

What to look for when buying a Waterproof MP3 player

There are three key areas to consider before handing over your hard-earned cash for this type of waterproof gadget device: usability, functionality and price.

The usability refers to the physical comfort of the product, its practical operation waterproof and whether it suits your personal needs. The most critical area of usability is the earpieces that form your direct contact with the music. You need to consider whether you have a choice of sizes of ear bud, after all ear canals vary in shape and size. Is the ear bud shaped to be placed deep into the ear; this is not always safe and is often uncomfortable. You should try on the headset before buying, if it is loose when you are not underwater, imagine how easily it will slip off once you are swimming, and result in loss of sound.

Functionality is the different features of the MP3 player; the critical aspect being the ease of use underwater, check out the buttons, can you use them with your eyes shut? Also, which formats do the MP3 support? Generally MP3 and WMA, but how easy is it to download and move music from your PC to the player?

The last criteria should be price, once you know what works or does not, that is when you see what is available in your price range!


Waterproof MP3 players have had mixed reviews, read all of them before making a choice. Do not be afraid to ask awkward questions when buying this product, and make sure that you have at least 12 months warranty on your choice of waterproof MP3 player.

Simon Cernuta writes reviews about waterproof MP3 players. Underwater MP3 players are a great tool for swimmers, surfers, people who like to kayak or do other water related activities.

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