Monday, June 27, 2011

The Right Headset Increases Job Performance

If you work in an office or a call center, there is a good chance that you use a headset with your work phone. This is a very common thing, because headsets can increase productivity and make your work much easier to accomplish. In order to really get any benefit out of a headset, though, it needs to be the right one.

What Kinds of Headsets are There?

There are several different types of headsets that can be use in the office:

• Monoaural - This means that there is one ear piece on the headset that can be listened through.

• Binaural -This indicates a headset that has two earpieces that can be listened through.

• Wireless or ear headsets - These headsets are either worn in the ear with a single ear piece inside of the ear or with a hook looped around the ear and the ear piece positioned so you can hear through it.

• Bluetooth - This is type of wireless headset that works well with certain electronics that are capable of Bluetooth technology. They may connect to computers and cell phones.

While there are many more types of headsets for different jobs, these are the main headsets that are generally used within the office environment.

How Can the Right Headset Make Your Job Easier?

The main reason that companies use headsets is to increase productivity of their workers. If you are on a hand held phone with your customer, you will not be able to perform any additional task without placing the caller on hold and setting the phone down. With a headset, you can use the computer, look through files, and write down information all while you are still talking to the customer. Multitasking is a way of life in the office and a headset can help you to work more efficiently.

With the right headset, customer service will be a lot easier. On a normal headset, the sound quality of the headset may interfere with the call or your ability to understand or properly hear the customer. When you are looking for the ideal headset, you want the sound to be clear and crisp. This will make your calls go faster and increase your work productivity.

What are the Qualities of a Quality Headset?

There are a few aspects of a quality headset that you will want to look for before you purchase one:

• Volume Control

• Quality Sound Without an Echo

• Protection against background noise - An office setting, especially a call center, can be rather noisy. You will want your callers to be protected from the amount of background noise around you and you will also want to reduce the amount of background noise you are hearing so that you can better serve the customer.

• Protection against feedback noise (like from a fax machine)

Using the right headset can make your job a lot easier and increase your productivity in the workplace. Investing in proper quality headsets for your employees will create a better work atmosphere and a more professional image in the minds of your clients.

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