Friday, June 3, 2011

PC Optimizer, an Essential Software

Correction of PC errors, file paths and DLL errors are some of the things a PC optimizer does. They compress files into more compact filing that speeds-up access scan of files. Optimizers' objective is to make processing more effective as possible. They fix invalid application paths and uninstall errors.

DLL or Dynamic Link Library is an archive of external codes loaded by programs in the Operating System. Every DLL file has a specific function. Numerous files of these that run in thousands are in the system and are likely to encounter an error at one time or another. There may be missing DLL files or inaccessible DLL files.

Errors happen when a newer version of a DLL overwrites the older version in the installation of a new program. The same thing happens when programs share a particular DLL. When one of the programs is deleted, the shared DLL are also erased along with the program. DLLs can also be deleted by virus or a spyware.

Invalid application paths occur when a file is trying to reference another file during the start up of Windows. Problem arises when the file being referenced no longer exists. As a result, some programs are confused thus making wrong tie-ups with similar programs. The confusion is brought about by disorder in the registry that has become filled with rubbish files.

The uninstall error on the other hand results from the removal of programs that just won't go away. Such programs point to the Windows registry for instructions to completely erase its residual components. The problem is the Windows registry might be corrupted as well. Thus results to uninstall errors. All conditions described above can be remedied by the optimizer.

PC optimizers act as a consummate utility suite. They have diagnostic elements aimed at achieving maximum efficiency. They manage memory resources for maximum benefit. Jumble in the computer are made orderly. Defragmentation is done to create a compact filing system. They also clean-up the system not leaving any fragments of the unwanted files and programs.

The computer crashes are unpredictable. Symptoms are frequent hanging and system torpidity. But they can be thwarted. Dust motes can also be damaging. They sneak in the computer cases and seriously threaten the computer system. Routine maintenance should not only include electronic but also physical tasks like dusting-off.

Device drivers are worth the attention too. This is among the features that are not abandoned by a system optimizer. Fine tuning the system is given due diligence by the utility software. Not only these, they re-energize the security system of the computer and conducts deep search of duplicate files that might be hidden in the registry.

The PC optimizer came out in 2008 and has since become one of the more essential software applications to date. Guided categories are features of optimizers. There are Security Tools, File Tools and the valuable System Tools. The System Tools stop unwanted startup programs from running. The software also comes with standard Registry tool that backs-up and reinstates files.

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