Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Slow Computer? How To Speed It Up

New computers are clean, perfectly formatted and ready to use. This means that they will operate at their best levels. They are fast and working at their peak levels. After months and years of usage your computer will get bogged down and probably won't be working as effectively as it was back when it was new. Over time this will lead to freezing and crashing. Here are some tips for fixing a slow computer.

Check for Viruses

Slow computers are often infected with various viruses or malware. This can really slow down your computer and create other problems. Even if you have antivirus protection it can miss some viruses. New viruses are being developed daily and even if you have up to date antivirus protection you might still find yourself at risk for a problem. The first step to fixing your slow computer is updating your antivirus software and performing a scan on all of your computer's files.

Find the Problem

If your slow computer isn't infected with a virus, there is probably another problem. It could be due to errors or bugs in your system. Another possibility is that you might have problems with your computer registry. Your computer registry is a special database that Windows uses to store various settings for your computer. Without a functioning registry your computer cannot work. Even a small registry error can lead to serious computer problems so if you have registry errors it is important to rectify them as soon as possible.

How Do You Fix Registry Errors?

Registry errors can be difficult to correct but with a little skill you should be able to resolve many computer registry problems without having to resort to professional help. Registry problems can arise due to many different causes. They may be due to problems with installation or uninstalling various programs. In some cases these problems may even arise from regular daily usage.

If you have problems with your computer registry one of the easiest ways to correct them is to use a registry cleaner software program. Many great software programs exist that can correct many registry errors. You may be surprised to learn that computer repair professionals use these programs since they are easier to use than other manual methods. As an added benefit to using a registry cleaner you may find virus and malware protection which can work with your antivirus programs. This will help keep the problem from arising again.

If you have a slow computer you may need professional assistance, but odds are that you will be able to fix many common problems by simply following these few suggestions.

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