Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Future of Flipchart Easels - Nobo Kapture

Picture the scenario, you've just finished a three hour brain storming meeting and have lots of great new ideas to go away and work on. Only issue is the meeting notes were taken on a flipchart pad that is now spread across the meeting room and you need to get it back into some sort of order and type up all the notes. If this sounds like an all too familiar situation the the Nobo Kapture System might just be for you.

How it Works

Nobo Kapture digital flipchart solution that allows for written or drawn presentation content to be captured automatically and in real time. The system requires a Nobo Kapture Flipchart, a digital marker and a USB receiver and a standard Flipchart Easels. The Digital Flipchart Pad and Marker are the key components of the Kapture system. The pad is printed with a pattern of dots which recognise what you are writing (including Graphs and Diagrams) and then transmits this to your computer. The USB receiver with integrated Bluetooth technology and pre installed software captures the data from the digital marker allowing for the presentation to be edited and shared with others.

Getting Started

The Nobo Kapture starter kit includes a Digital Flipchart, Digital Marker Pen, USB receiver and configuration card. The USB receiver is plug and play and should install automatically, alternatively it can be downloaded from the Nobo Kapture website. Additional flipchart pads and pens can be purchased as and when required and the flipchart pads themselves will fit any standard size flipchart easel. Once the system is set up correctly capturing a presentation happens automatically and appears on your computer immediately. The presenter does not need to worry about monitoring the system and can focus on delivering their information or running the meeting.

Data Capture

The capture of data is activated by the pressure applied to the pad so a bit of experimenting prior to your first proper usage may be worthwhile. In order to ensure the accurate data capture all writing and drawing should be slow and deliberate so you may have to amend your presentation style to get the best from the system. However, the end rewards will be worth the extra effort and will save you time in the long run.

Editing the Information

You can edit directly from within the Nobo Kapture software and this is a great tool to help clear up the sheets and make them more legible.

There are a lot of neat functions that help make editing simple. Each pen stroke is recorded as an object which allows for quick amendments to be made. You can also cut and paste objects between different pages and rotate objects up to 360 degrees. You can also amend the colours of what's been captured so if you want to highlight key points in red and leave the rest as black then no problem.

Who Should Buy One

Any person or business who conducts regular meetings using a standard flip chart pad should give Nobo Kapture a serious look. It can be a big time saver when it comes to typing up the meeting notes and allows you to focus on what you're trying to achieve from the meeting rather than trying to keep tidy notes.

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