Friday, June 17, 2011

What Is the Best Choice - Buy or Repair?

Your PC isn't working and it is important to be able to use it. Perhaps you use it for work and without it you won't get anything done to make money. You need to get your computer up and running quickly. You need the files that are on the PC for your job. Did you back up all of your files or will you lose them now that your computer isn't working? You have a problem. You need to get the PC working. Do you give up on it and go buy a new one or do you get this one repaired?

If you buy new you will lose all of the files and software that you have installed and downloaded. If you have photos they will be lost to you. This is something you will want to consider if you are thinking about going out and purchasing a new computer. You may be better off if you get your old one repaired.

Depending on the price you are quoted to get your laptop or desktop repaired it is important to take into consideration the importance of the files you have on it. Remember that all the files and data are actually worth something. If not to someone else it is valuable to you. Figure in what all that data is worth when deciding on fixing your broken computer.

Many computer repair services have the ability to clean viruses and to retrieve information on your machine. If a virus wiped out your PC you may be able to have it removed with a good antivirus software program. Repair shops have some of the best virus software there is. They may be able to save the hard drive and everything on it with the right program.

When you get your computer fixed you can get a price on what it is going to cost before you agree. If the price is more than what the computer is worth and you can replace the data yourself, you may want to buy a new machine. You can also buy a new computer and have the data from the old one retrieved and stored on the new one. Repair shops will do this for you too. Check prices on the different options available to you and then decide what is the best way to go.

To prevent having to have repairs done to your PC or mac you need to use surge protectors at all times. Surge protectors will save you quite a bit of money in damages that could happen. You have no control over when there is going to be a power surge but you do have control of stopping the surge before it reaches your machine. It is also important to keep antivirus software on your machine. Make sure it is a good program that regularly updates itself so you are protected from viruses. You have to remember that new viruses roam free on the internet. Your program may not recognize the newest ones and damage can be done.

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