Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some common errors in the computer

(And what they mean)

The errors of the computer may appear when it is least expected, can cause the suddenly closed system-wide and without account can damage the data to the point where it cannot be decoded. But you can always avoid, it is important to remember that they can correct the errors of the team. The key is to understand what are the mistakes of the team, to understand what they mean when they present and understand how to minimize its appearance in the first place.

Essentially, the computer errors are the result of a number of things that can or that have nothing to do with the way in which the equipment is used. "Work" as long as there is a conflict between the commands. Don't forget that the teams are essentially runs a series of commands and is generally a smooth process. But when a statement in conflict with any other command - or when a command calls for a process or information which is not available, the team returns results that are not usable. It is a mistake.

A good example of this type of error when users try to use a software that is not applicable to your system. Almost all of the software along with a list of the requirements of the system that dictates that a computer must have to make the software work properly. To minimize the errors of this type, check where the team has the necessary components. For example, a project management program you may require a specific operating system, such as Windows XP. And while this program can be installed correctly on a Windows 98 computer, generate a multitude of errors once its startup.

Insufficient memory will cause errors as well. This is why programs include the minimum requirements of memory. A program that is in need of 14 MB memory will generate errors on a computer that has only 4 MB of memory if it extends to all the. It is the same for space, a color depth of the monitor and resolution. In these situations, problems at the time where a piece of software attempts to obtain the things of the access to the (hardware, memory, space, resolution, etc.) that cannot be found.

Because some programs share common files, also of errors can occur when these shared files are not updated. For example, let's say that you program is already installed on a computer, and it works well. Then we say that the download of the computer user and program b. B Setup uses a file Appendix an installed right before, but when the program B, popup error. Errors are the result of the program (b) attempts to use an obsolete (shared) file that was installed by a program. To resolve this problem, the user must download a version to update the shared file (at least - is not easy to find or do).

Sometimes errors occur because a system does not have the necessary drivers or controllers of the system are an incorrect version. The two errors in these cases can be resolved by the update of the computer on a regular basis. Microsoft provides an article on their website which can automatically update a computer online and makes it free of charge in an effort to reduce the errors like this. Always try to keep equipment up-to-date so that there should be a program to share a file, share a file that has been updated in hundreds of thousands of teams, such as yours.

This article does not start even cover the full range of errors of the computer - but you can find additional information about how to obtain help with a problem computer (including errors of the team) in our article entitled, "support team".regardless of the problem.


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