Thursday, April 14, 2011

Software piracy

It is better to avoid at all costs

As the theft of electronic identity, computer viruses and the spread of other computer crimes, software piracy is on the rise. The problem of software piracy is that the costs of this illegal activity attractive for end-user software. After all, which goes wrong? Rich software companies? This article examines the hacking of software in General and the impact on the team with the industry.

The most vulnerable victims of software piracy are undertaken independent programmers or software to create and distribute commercial software or shareware. Shareware is described in an another article, but because the commercial software and shareware payment, are the fate of pirates who seek to do this kind of programs of free use.

According to their binding legal agreements, usually license allows the use of a single program on a single computer. This configuration is generally good for a user who uses the software at home on a computer. But in an environment where there are five, ten, twenty or more teams, purchase a license for each computer can loved right down. So costly that the temptation to pirate software a little here and there can be very tempting.

Colleagues are familiar with this temptation and are often those who "share" software acquired between those in need. However the same temptation has also requested other knowingly or unknowingly buy pirated copies of registered commercial software or shareware.

As tempting as it is, is still illegal and the penalties and fines for sharing commercial software or saved is too for a credit. In recent news, "Yahoo China loses case of piracy of music (AP via Yahoo! News)", a court ordered the Chinese subsidiary of Yahoo Inc. to pay $27 million to help music piracy, said Tuesday the company and a group of the music industry. ""1. In addition, "the legislators approval U.S. by imprisonment, fines for commercial piracy penalties important (International Herald Tribune) we, legislators voted Wednesday by the Act that would establish penalties of imprisonment and fines by large-scale commercial piracy"", but exempt patents and copy for personal use." 2

Fortunately, there are alternatives. Schools can investigate versions of commercial software student or apply for a rebate of the school. Everything simply because it is not announced school, does not mean that they are not available. Freeware or open software source (also described in another of our articles) is another alternative to piracy comercial-Vitoria, and shareware. And, with earlier versions of programs also could reduce costs with commercial versions.

Until recently, held little public faith in freeware or software open source - often in this regard that the low quality knock take off most well-known commercial products. But if you take a glance at what is offered free of charge, it is possible that, in great surprises. Quality freeware and open source that created a rift strong between the business community and today is literally grow bananas in the competition! So, that even known software development companies joined the cause, and built a few products own freeware open source!

If you do not forget that there are hordes of alternatives to expensive commercial software (and make the effort to get it), you will discover that you can keep with the rest of the computer industry at a price much cheaper than if we tried to pay his way to the altar of the software. Software piracy is not only the response.


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