Friday, April 15, 2011

Dust kills

The fan of the cleaning unit is supported for essential equipment

Between the care of the House, children, pets and the District of PTA, care team is probably one of the last things that intends to do on a regular basis. Without a regular maintenance schedule, you could find (the hard way) that a forgotten team is a pig of energy - one who works more hard than this need and which could be a financial burden to replace.

Let's talk about the maintenance of the equipment. Throwing places great emphasis on maintaining an operating system that sometimes forget us how it is important to maintain the hardware components of the computer. As there may be some components to deal, let's talk a little more important.

The most important component of system for the computer equipment is his fan. The fan is located in the processor of the computer and when unit gets it stuck with dirt and dust, can execute a faster computer can say "something wrong with my team and I don't know what is! In summary, the fan is responsible for the maintenance of this engine and the engine of the fresh team are what keeps the hard disk drive and operational device equipment is in need of you, which translates into "quick".

Sale a fan not running enough fast to keep that engine and a completely obstructed fan only stop rotating completely. This causes the engine of the team to work hard - and a more difficult working engine can increase electricity bill! Worse: the motor can overheat and stop working as well. No engine is equal to any team.

Keep fans of the own team by preventing the fan get dirty or dust in the first place. Operate the equipment in an environment free of dust and not ever smoking on its subject. Nicotine and tar means certain death when it comes to the fans of the team, but a necessity for cleaning the fan, do so with care has found.

It is quite easy to cause more damage in cleaning if you are comfortable with your PC even cleanup, go to a shop for the provision of services. Otherwise, you can disconnect and dismantle the equipment to do it yourself.

You will need a can of compressed air and an antistatic cloth to remove obdurate dust clumps. Keep can perfectly vertical and the fan taking care of not step to spray the powder to other sensitive parts of equipment such as circuits or in the case of spray fan motor. Wipe dust remaining with the antistatic cloth and then return to assemble the team.

That certainly does not want to use to remove dust from the team is a vacuum cleaner. Although a vacuum seems more logical, the strong aspiration of a vacuum cleaner can really cause damaging static electricity or dislodge loose cables. Also, you want to use cleaners based on oil. Although promise may powder their wood tables and cabinets for a perfect brightness, the oil in a cleaner will therefore doubt sensitive equipment. Join a free method of liquid shake and his routine of dust will be safe only enough repeated as many times as necessary.

As mentioned previously, prevent the entry of dust, the team is extremely important and will reduce the need for open and its system of powder in the first place. The severity of the external elements (smoking, humidity, pets, etc.) will be ultimately determine how much your team will have to dust. But, on average, you will not need to perform this procedure more once or twice a year.

The entire exercise should take over more than twenty minutes, and once completed, can immediately see and hear the difference on your machine. Keyboard and mouse of the computer will run more smoothly, material having is not the time to connect, and the machine will be not as strong as that which is corroded with ugly dust bunnies.


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