Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fast-Teks On-Site Computer Services Franchise Opportunity - A Review

If you are looking for a franchise opportunity with great potential to expand and continue to compete in the future business market, then a Fast-teks On-Site Computer Services Franchise Opportunity is a solid prospect. This is one franchise that should allow the owner to begin prospering in the shortest period of time possible and is relatively inexpensive for startup. This is a review of the business opportunity and service.

The principals of this company have over 65 plus years of consumer and business marketing experience. The Fast-teks marketing plan has been put to the test over the past 16 years and the company continues to grow. The computer hardware industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, because the internet has become the largest and most comprehensive thing on the planet.

A Fast-teks franchise package is one of the more low cost operations in the industry, and currently requires $19,500 to purchase the franchise with an additional $6000-$10,000 projected for start-up and advertising costs. There is no store front needed because this is one franchise that can be home based, since all service work is performed at the customer's home or business. In this way, the owners resources can focus on marketing, advertising, and managing the on site business. And the franchise owner does not actually need to learn computer repair, as the parent company furnishes the franchise with pre-screened technicians with a certification of A+ or higher.

This is truly a turn-key franchise operation that is designed to operate pretty much right out of the box, for any business entrepreneur who simply wants to manage a low cost, highly profitable business. This franchise company even has a call center which answers all incoming calls for the franchise owners during business hours, and that includes weekends. Not only that, but the call center even dispatches the technicians to the service location. In this way, the franchise never misses a call or an opportunity to gain a client or provide fast reliable service. This is truly a win-win situation for both the parent company and the franchise owner.

This is a legitimate franchise opportunity and if you have the necessary start-up capital, this may be a good business for you if a simple franchise is what you're looking for. Just remember that there are always risks involved, like possible civil suits for problematic repair situations or damaged equipment or traffic accidents involving repair technicians who are dispatched and the list goes on. When considering any business ownership, responsibility and hard work will be necessary before any profits can be gained, so before investing a large sum of money, do your research and ask the right questions.

Rick James is a human relations and support specialist for professional internet marketers as well as a trainer for internet beginners.

Rick spent nearly 28 years in the radio advertising industry before transitioning into internet marketing. Why? Because internet companies like Google, Facebook, and YouTube are quickly replacing traditional advertising vehicles like radio, newspaper, and television.

Today Rick is training individuals around the globe, who are seeking to become successful with internet marketing. To begin your training, and to earn while you learn online marketing, contact Rick and visit his website http://rickjamesinfo.com


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