Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Even a Nine Year Old Can Repair Computers

Most people perceive all computer problems, both simple and complex, to be beyond their control and knowledge. Therefore, they rely on computer repair experts not knowing that even a nine year old can repair computers. Of course the 'experts' to not help matters since they will rarely tell you how easy it would have been for you to resolve the problem yourself. Yet many times all that it needed is a little tweaking here and there coupled with a willingness to learn about their basics components of a computer as well as the easy-to-fix potential trouble spots. What's more, nowadays there are a plethora of web sites that freely provide useful advice on how to do computer repair.

Moreover, one does not need to own or purchase complex and expensive computer repair tools and equipments such as diagnostic software and hardware to repair computer problems. These tools are only used by computer repair experts because they enable them to quickly diagnose computer problems and solve many computer problems at a go. Furthermore, most of the computer repair tools used to fix hardware related computer problems can be found in the garage toolbox. Software programs used to fix software related problems can be downloaded for free from the internet.

Having the patience to familiarize oneself with some of these basic principles can prove vital in many ways. For instance, doing your own computer repair can save you a considerable amount of money. Even though one might consider the costs to be marginal, cumulatively the amount of money people use for fixing their computers is substantial. The fact that rates are often pegged on the hours spent working on the machine can push the price quite high. And if one cannot distinguish the simple from the complex problem, they could be incurring a cost that is completely unnecessary.

You will also find that undertaking certain repairs of the computer yourself can save you a considerable amount of time. Remember that you might not be the only person that has called for the services of a computer repair expert at the time. You could end up on a long waiting list and wait for days before your machine is eventually attended to. If you use the computer as a source of income (e.g. if you are on an internet based work at home vocation), then every hour and day lost is revenue lost. When you learn how to do computer repair on your won, you can back in operation in no time. Sometimes all you need to do is install a certain application or remove an offending one. Or maybe it is just pulling out and replacing an easy to remove part.

But there is an even more serious benefit derived from doing computer repair on your own: you protect your confidential data from being accessed by persons whose technical expertise may not be in doubt but whose character you may not be completely sure of. In addition, because of the many computers that the repair expert may be dealing with on a daily basis, your computer is susceptible to many forms of malware as infected flash disks, CDs and DVDs are moved from one computer to the other.

Mike Whytsell is the CEO of Prime Choice Media Computer Repair located in Wa State. Mike has over 18 years experience in PC troubleshooting and now is sharing his computer skills with the world at []. Stop by and watch one or many of his FREE High Definition videos on computer repair.


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